Traders Union experts explain Benefits And Risks Of Bitcoin Trading on Forex

Benefits And Risks Of Trading Forex With Bitcoin
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Forex is established as the best financial trading platform globally. Cryptocurrency trading is also rising fast. The сryptocurrency surge is getting larger, and it’s time to know if Bitcoin is accepted in Forex trading too!

According to the Traders Union experts, the emergence and impact of cryptocurrencies in the Forex market will be game-changing and will need more expert Forex brokers onboard. To explore Forex and cryptocurrency trading opportunities, let’s start Bitcoin trading on Forex. Introducing Bitcoin on this market can either lead to great success or devastation. Why? Because, if the volatility of the crypto market affects the Forex trade, it can ruin it for good.

Hence, even to create a Bitcoin pair on the Forex trading platform, listen to advice from seasoned brokers or simply rely on them. The window of opportunities will be good, but ceasing one opportunity could take courage and lots of market analysis.

Is Bitcoin accepted in Forex trading?

Yes, Bitcoin is accepted in Forex Trading.

Bitcoin is the largest or the most dominant cryptocurrency in the world. This popular crypto coin was introduced in 2008, by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin, being a cryptocurrency, is decentralized and uses blockchain for secure and transparent transactions.

Forex, on the other hand, is not completely decentralized, as to some extent, it is controlled by some government entities. However, the Forex trading platform is more secure than the crypto coin trading platforms. Hence, the acceptance of Bitcoin on Forex was always controversial. However, brokers who know how to deal with the trading platforms’ risks, can help any traders to get benefits while trading Bitcoin on Forex.

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Trading Bitcoin on Forex

According to the Forex brokers, anyone with a Bitcoin-based account can start trading on Forex and can withdraw too. However, Forex brokers dealing with Bitcoin may have legal boundaries. This is because, in the US, contracts for difference (CFDs) are not allowed. On the other hand, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned people not to get involved with these financial platforms.

Some Forex brokers admitted that trading Bitcoin on the Forex platform may be difficult, but it is not impossible. However, it is unclear if they are allowing the traders to buy and sell Bitcoin directly on Forex.

According to some traders, Bitcoin trading on Forex is complicated and poses more risks than on the Cryptocurrency trading platform. Moreover, understanding the trading market analysis, security risks, and market volatility all at the same time is surely not an easy job. TU experts published the list of best Forex brokers in the Philippines, providing a crucial guide for those embarking on their trading journey. To learn additional information about the Forex trading brokers, read more.

Benefits of trading Forex with Bitcoin

Traders Union notes that trading Bitcoin on the Forex can be profitable too. How? Here are some benefits of Forex trading with Bitcoin:

1. Decentralized valuations

The first and foremost thing about Bitcoin trading is that it is a decentralized currency. Bitcoin is based on a peer-to-peer payment system, where blockchain is the pillar block. All transactions are recorded and maintained on a decentralized ledger – blockchain.

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As there is no central authority or government entity to control the transaction system, it is more secure. No single entity is controlling the Bitcoin platform, and thus this extra layer of security aids in Forex market valuation. Investing in Bitcoin is more secure than traditional currencies like USD/EURO/GBP/AUD.

2. High leverage

Potential for the high leverage is another benefit of trading Bitcoin on the Forex market. The high leverage helps the users to invest a low amount of capital and control a larger market position.

Unleashing high leverage on Forex trading with the help of Bitcoin can increase potential profits. If the market favors, gains can exceed expectations.

3. Low deposit amount

Using Bitcoin on Forex is fun as starting with minimum investments is possible. When other platforms have a restriction of playing with a minimum of $250 or $300, Bitcoin allows a start from 0.01 BTC or ~$70.

4. Low cost of trading

Compared to traditional financial platforms, Bitcoin transactions require minimum trading costs. When investing in Forex [Bitcoin trading] or withdrawing profits from Bitcoin trading, bearing lower transaction costs is important! This is simply more profitable than other platforms.

5. Security

Because of its decentralized network system, Bitcoin offers an extra security layer. All Bitcoin transactions are encrypted in a public ledger blockchain that anyone can access. Hence, there is no point in fraudulent transactions, since anyone involved in a blockchain transaction can be tracked.

6. No global boundaries

Bitcoin trading is not accepted in all countries. However, with Forex, there will be no global boundaries for Bitcoin transactions. Worrying about different time zones or holiday sessions is unnecessary, as blockchain technology is never affected by such influences.

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Risks of trading Forex with Bitcoin

According to Traders Union, there are risks too. Let’s explore some of the risks that can be confronted in trading Forex with Bitcoin.

1. Different exchange rates

Minor differences between the exchanges can have an impact on the Bitcoin exchange rate. Henceforth, compare the exchange rates in different transactions before trading Bitcoin on Forex. Special caution is necessary during trading a large amount of money.

2. Volatility

The market is a curse to every crypto coin and Bitcoin is not exempted. The value of Bitcoin can fluctuate rapidly based on multiple factors. This volatility is challenging during trading Bitcoin or any other crypto coins on Forex. The price can go up and down multiple times in a single transaction, which is not acceptable.

3. U.S. dollar rate risk

Any changes in the exchange rate between the US dollar and Bitcoin can have a serious impact on Forex trading. Converting Bitcoins to US dollars for the sake of trading is also not recommended, as the wallet can be compromised, and the fortune may be lost.


Trading on Forex with Bitcoin is not an easy task, so it’s necessary to rely on seasoned brokers. Moreover, being educated about market volatility and other factors that can have an impact on Bitcoin values. So, it’s important to take time and study the market before making a move into the Forex-Bitcoin world. The risks are higher than can be imagined and Trades Union can provide assistance in their reduction.

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