What if you have an amazing app idea? 

What if you have an amazing app idea? 
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It is estimated that many people will have this experience: suddenly want to be an app, there are many awesome android app ideas, but it is a technical idiot, this idea will often run aground. so what should I do now? In response to this question, ROCeteer’s CTO Heather Wilde provided the relatively best answer.

If you are a technical white but have a great APP idea, what can you do? What can you do to bring this app to market?

For me, my first thing is to study the idea and see if it is an application idea, a product idea or a new business idea. You need to see if someone else has done this and see who is thinking of doing this.

If someone does this, you need to determine if your ideas are basically the same as them. Do you need to think about new opportunities in the market? If not, don’t be discouraged. Always look for ways to turn ideas into reality until you find a unique value proposition that matches your ideas. Congratulations, you can practice this idea. .

But you don’t have the technology, you need to change yourself, or you have to be close to someone with technology. If you want to go the first way, you need to start learning the framework, so that you know what kind of programming platform and language to use, and what kind of construction is the best. If you choose the second method, you will need to attend some gatherings and go out with some technical teams in your area. You can also find some technical people who are willing to listen to your ideas and let them develop an MVP for you.

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As for how to get funding for this idea, it depends on the situation. If your idea is great and there is a good market prospect, and you have enough ability, you can win a certain amount of money through a game and use it as your idea to start the fund.

But with only one idea, you can’t get a lot of money, but you can use this idea to build an MVP that will help you start building a startup. With the company’s support, you can turn your ideas into products, so it’s not that hard to get funding support.

So, for me, my series of plans is:

  1. Study your ideas and test the viability of the market.
  2. Participate in the party and strive to be an active person in such a local community. You may not know the technology, but you need to find someone who knows the technology to help you.

3, you need to find a team, it is always irrational to single-handedly.

4, just an idea is difficult to support you to continue, you need to build an MVP.

5, you need to win the game related to you as much as possible, use the game bonus as the starting capital for your ideas.

  1. You also need a mentor or consultant who can help you plan and provide professional advice.
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Finally, if you follow these steps step by step, you can start thinking about profitability!

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