StaffLinq Employee Login & Benefits Guide

StaffLinq Employee Login & Benefits Guide
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StaffLinq portal is a comprehensive online portal that provides many services to employees. Besides, the StaffLinq portal helps employees in managing and scheduling their work. Also, the StaffLinq portal is a companion for every StaffLinq employee. Where it is considered your gateway to “FMIS”‘s financial management information system. In addition to iProcurement and the human resources information system “HRIS”. Also, through the StaffLinq portal, employees can check timelines. In addition to requesting changes and getting important messages and notifications at any time and anywhere.

Besides vacation requests, scheduling preferences, and more other services. Also, the StaffLinq portal is characterized by many unique features and advantages. Based on that, we will offer you some of these features and benefits later. Besides, we will provide you a step-by-step method for creating an account on the StaffLinq portal. In addition to how to log in to the StaffLinq portal. Also, we will explain simple steps to you on how to recover your password in case you forgot it. Follow us below to find out more details and benefits about the StaffLinq portal.

Features Of StaffLink

  • The possibility of taking advantage of self-service “ESS” for employees. Besides self-service “MSS” for the manager at any time and anywhere via the Internet.
  • Also, create tax invoices for Intra Health solution transactions. Carried out by the global advanced system among Intercompany. Which led to improving the Intra Health solution greatly.
  • The ability to manage bill reservations. And this is through system notifications, which is part of the basic solution in StaffLinq.
  • Also, the ability to view your payment receipt. And by sending it via e-mail or via the Internet.
  • StaffLinq includes a revised “COA” account chart. In addition to two new divisions for the project and its Intercompany. In addition to 5 other sectors.
  • Ability to send most forms of human resources and payroll. Alongside existing processes and models of operations.
  • Allowing the selection of items easily and accurately using “IProcurement” and many other features.
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Benefits Of StaffLinq Portal For Employees

  • In the event of any changes to the schedule by managers in StaffLinq. Then the employees in StaffLinq will be able to receive notifications and updates directly.
  • Among the other benefits that the portal provides to employees. It is the ability to request an exchange or receive shifts. Besides the vacation request and many other requests.
  • Also, can the employees on StaffLinq. To check the current scheduling. Besides, preferences and availability are tabulated.
  • Via push notifications. Managers will be able to send direct or group messages to employees.
  • In addition, to receiving notifications of scheduling updates and required shifts. Along with push notifications for available transfers and messages.
  • The possibility of exchanging messages between employees in the StaffLinq portal. But with some restrictions and conditions.
  • Also StaffLinq portal offers the freedom to employees. This is to determine their own scheduling preferences.
  • In addition, many other benefits. And the services that you will find on the portal.

How To Create An Account In The StaffLinq Portal

At first, we would like to inform you. The steps to create an account are not difficult or complicated. On the contrary, the steps are very simple and do not require effort. All you need is to access the StaffLinq home page from here. In addition to a good internet connection and follow the next steps.

  1. After entering the official page of StaffLinq. You will click on the option “Get a StaffLinq Login”.
  2. And now from the drop-down list, you will select the company you work for. That’s all.
  3. When you have finished the previous step. Then you will wait for the restaurant’s website manager to grant you access to StaffLinq. Once you have access to StaffLinq, you will receive an invitation to your email. Then you will get instructions on how to log in. Along with instructions on starting to use the service.
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How To Login To The StaffLinq Portal

  1. First, you will click here. Then you will go to the official page.
  2. When the home page interface appears. You will click on the “The Login Screen” link. That is in the case if you are already a registered user.
  3. And now you will be redirected to the StaffLinq login portal.
  4. After accessing the login page you will write your “ROSnet”. Or your “e-mail”.
  5. Besides, you will enter your “Password”. Then you will click on “Log In”.
  6. Once you click on the option to log in. Then you will have successfully logged into the portal.
  7. All you have to do now is select the “Remember Me” option. This is in case you are using your personal device. So that you do not have to type the username and password every time you want to log into StaffLinq.
  8. And now you can take advantage of all the features and benefits of StaffLinq. Which we mentioned above.

How To Recover Username And Password

  1. In case you forgot your password, there is no problem at all. Where you can recover your data easily and with simple steps. You will only need your email to retrieve your data. Follow the next steps.
  2. You will enter the home page from here.
  3. After entering the official page. You will click on the “Login Screen” link.
  4. After that, you will be directed to the login page.
  5. Now you will click on the “Forgot Password” option.
  6. Then you enter your email. Then click on “Get Password”.
  7. And you will be able to reset your password easily. It is preferable that you choose a strong password that contains letters, symbols, and numbers. This is for more safety for your account.
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