How To Play MAME Game on Android?

How To Play MAME Game on Android?
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MAME is an acronym of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. This game was made to preserve the history of old and vintage games so that they must not be forgotten and lost. MAME is an emulator which is free and open-source, and strictly designed to recreate the hardware of the arcade game system into the software of some of the modern PC and other places where these games are played. MAME games are played with the help of joysticks and now the preparation is about to install these features in windows and MAC books so that the gamers can play these games here also. MAME was first released for the public on 5th February 1997 by Nicola Salmoria. MAME has a collection of unique 7000 games that are completely ultimate and still people download MAME games to play.

Here are the ways following which a player will be able to play MAME games on their Android phones. They ate supposed to follow some of the steps and finally, they will be able to access the games in their Android device without any problem.

  • The very first thing which as a gamer you are supposed to do is to visit the Google Play store as the games can be downloaded and installed from there. After you open the Google Play Store, you should download the application named “MAME4droid (0.37b5)”.
  • After you downloaded the application in your android device, now you are supposed to install the application in your device. You must check for enough space as well as the authenticity of the thing you are going to download.
  • After that, the next procedure is to download the ROMs for the game which you want to play. To download the ROM, you need to visit the websites which will provide you with the ROM for free. Here are some of the websites from where you will be able to download the ROM for your favorite game for free.
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These are some of the websites from where the user will be able to find the ROM for the MAME game which they are going to play.

  • After downloading the ROM file, many uses extract the ROM files which they are not supposed to do. Users are advised to keep the ROM files as a ZIP.
  • The next step is to copy the ROM files to ROMs/MAME4all/ROMs.
  • Finally, you have to launch the MAME4droid and then you will be able to top play the game which you were craving for. You can play any of the 7000 games present on MAME.

These are the simple process with the help of which a user will be able to play MAME games on their android device and enjoy the sensation of old vintage games on their android device. The above process is given so that people must not forget the old and vintage games which people were playing with the help of joysticks.

As we all know that the history of MAME is about more than 20 years, but still some users are playing this game. Now everything has been changed and the era is all about the android device. In the hustle and bustle of the android device, the majesty of MAME was overlapped, but now the good news is that you will be able to play the game on your android device as there are ways following which we can play this game in our android device. Users can follow the above-given steps and soon they will be able to play MAME on their Android device.

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