SEO Competition: Stop Losing Over And Over! (Free Advice)

SEO Competition: Stop Losing Over And Over! (Free Advice)
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Let’s face it, SEO competition is the number one barrier to entry into this esoteric, underground, dog-eat-dog realm that orbits around one thing… money.

Whether you’re after it or whether you need it for search engine rankings optimization, SEO competition is all about money.

Well, we need to think about this for a second thought. Most SEOs fail to ever make any money online or satisfy their clients because they shoot for keywords with too much competition.

We’re all fed the same SEO 101 crap about using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find profitable and popular keywords in the niche of your choice.

Going endlessly back and forth between the keyword tool and whatever domain registrar, when we finally find one decent keyword that has enough search volume and an EMD (exact match domain) available. We get excited and pull the trigger.

Countless days, weeks, and even months of backlinking and content writing, we end up frustrated. Even if you’ve cracked the top 10 search engine rankings in Google, you realize you still only get 10-20 visitors per day because you’re not ranked #1.

SEO competition forces another one to bite the dust. What a waste of time and money!

OK, now… let’s talk about what you don’t know. There are millions upon millions of elusive keywords available that literally have almost no SEO competition. So why can’t you find them?

The Google Keyword Tool isn’t some person that’s going to see what keywords you’re typing in, and then say… “Oh, look at these instead! They’re exactly what you’re looking for because they have EMDs available, they have great search volume, and they have a very profitable average CPC!”

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It’s just another robot that’s run off of a mathematical algorithm, and it’s just going to give you relevant keywords based upon the exact words you’ve entered. Heck, it’s designed for AdWords users anyways – not SEOs!

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use it. We just need to learn how to use it properly, and 99% of SEOs get it wrong.

Those that get it wrong, well, they end up fighting 99% of SEOs and the majority of which have $5K – $15K monthly budgets to spend on high PR links.

Regardless of the hype on forums, sales letters, and advice from so-called SEO gurus, you can’t beat them for these super competitive keywords!

So, How Can We Minimize SEO Competition?

We need a strategy to find the lucrative and popular keywords the Google Keyword Tool doesn’t know to provide you. One great strategy is to start out with a niche, hop on Google search, and type in stuff like:

  • “Top 10 (insert niche) products”
  • “Most popular (insert niche) examples”
  • “Upcoming (insert niche) events”
  • “List of (insert niche) for 2013 (or insert year)”

Then, just pick out a site that catches your eye from the SERPs. Peruse that site well, and look for things that might look like good keywords. This is especially effective if the site is laid out in a list-style format.

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For example, if you type in “Top 10 TV shows 2012″, and you just pick out a site that looks respectable. Then pick a popular one that looks interesting to you, and now hop over to the Google Keyword Tool.

with a bit of going back and forth between that site and the Google Keyword Tool, I found this keyword: “family guy episode guide” – 14,800 global exact match searches per month, and 4,400 local. I hop over to Godaddy, and guess what?!


…Are all wide open! I’m going to leave them for you guys

This means that no SEOs are operating in this niche! 

So you scoop up the EMD for the killer keyword you’ve just found (with no SEO competition), and then it’s time to blow your mind!

We are going to rank #1 for this keyword within one week with TERRIBLE CONTENT and almost NO BACKLINKS! 

All you do is a basic WordPress installation, and then:

  1. Download the Google XML Sitemap plugin and the Platinum SEO or All-in-One SEO plugin
  2. Set your title with your keyword first and then something else to avoid a keyword usage penalty (i.e. “Family Guy episode guide for instant fun!”)
  3. Set your description as “Watch the show and check out the updated Family Guy episode guide” for example
  4. Next, create a post with your keyword in the title with H1 font (like “Welcome To The Official Family Guy Episode Guide”)
  5. Post any picture with the keyword in the file name (familyguyepisodeguide.jpg). set the ALT tag to something like “Funny Family Guy Episode Guide Picture” (don’t use just your keyword for both the file name and the ALT tag.
  6. Now write one sentence with your keyword in it. use one category (your keyword) and two or three tags (where one is your keyword).
  7. Search for a YouTube video based on your keyword and embed it in the post.
  8. Link to an authority site (like Wikipedia) for a related keyword (i.e. “cartoons”)
  9. DO NOT include any AdSense, affiliate links, etc until you rank #1
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If you do this, you cannot risk getting a penalty for over-using your keyword, and it really really works! Check out Alex Becker’s site by searching for “ddrol” (his is #1 – 22K exact global searches per month) and look at how crappy his content is (deliberate) and how few backlinks he has (using or

Now, in order to really rank #1 within the week, we do need to build a few high PR backlinks. If you want to rank #1 with just two or three backlinks. you will need to buy some PR5+ links on the domains of authority sites ($40 – $100+ per month).

If you are on a budget for your link building and you are wanting to operate multiple sites, that’s when you will want to take advantage of automated article submission.

…And stop believing “gurus” you can rank for things like “car insurance” with no SEO budget! But guess what? You don’t need to because, as you’ve seen, you can rank for similar awesome keywords that have extremely low competition.

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