8 Must-Follow Tips To Maximize Your ROI With PPC Ads in 2021

8 Must-Follow Tips To Maximize Your ROI With PPC Ads in 2021
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Tired of seeing your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns underperform? Perhaps you feel PPC is just a way to lose money? All that is about to change. We’re here to give you __ must-follow tips on how to maximize your business’ revenue with PPC Ads in 2021!

Here we go.

8 Tips You Must Follow To Maximize Your ROI using PPC In 2021

Take A Value-Based Approach To Ads

Rather than focus on describing your services, emphasize how your services solve your customers’ business problems. In other words, you should focus on taking a value-based ad approach.

For instance, you may say, “grow your online traffic” instead of simply saying we offer “social media marketing services.” In this case, online traffic isn’t the service itself but rather the value consumers derive by getting their social media marketing done from you. It’s best practice to describe your service’s advantages to the customer and offer solutions to problems they might be facing.

This is the first step towards maximizing your ROI with PPC in 2021!

Pay Attention to your PPC Campaigns

This is something that we cannot stress enough… Paying attention to your PPC campaigns will be more important than ever in 2021! If you fail to analyze and tweak your ads consistently, you’ll not be able to create ads that spur the most engagement. If your ad engagement is lower than its potential, you’re surely missing out on important leads!

Another reason for paying attention to your PPC campaigns is to avoid losing the money you’ve invested. When you consistently monitor your campaigns, you tend to filter out keywords that aren’t doing well.

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Here’s a mind-blowing fact Jacob Baadsgaard discovered regarding PPC ad keywords.

⚠️ 91% of the keywords in PPC campaigns fail to convert customers while consuming 61% of your total ad-budget! Only 9% of your account’s keywords generate all the conversions

So it’s essential to minimize the leakage in your budget by optimizing and eliminating non-performing keywords to maximize your PPC’s ROI in 2021!

Focus On Business Keywords That Actually Work

Keywords and key phrases have always defined PPC ad campaigns in the past and they will continue to do so beyond 2021!

Keywords are the searches people make when searching for a product or service online. You can base your ad on those particular keywords and phrases. The person searching for something you offer is most likely to buy it; hence the ad only targets that potential customer. This increases the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

For example, if you’re a car dealer looking to sell a 2005 Toyota Corolla, you can base your PPC ad on the phrase, “2005 Toyota Corolla for sale”. Anyone who types this specific phrase will be shown your ad on top, making them likely customers. Since they are already interested, this makes them the perfect audience for your ad.

Choosing the right keywords can make or break your campaign so pay extra attention to using the most effective keywords!

Choose The Right Times To Post

Our next tip for maximizing your ROI with PPC in 2021 is to choose the right time to post! You can target the right audience all you want, but if most of them are inactive when your ad is live, your campaign won’t yield the desired results.

Schedule your ads according to the habits of your consumers or try looking for trends that work best. For instance, if an ad for football shoes performs better during the broadcast of a live football match, try scheduling your ads around football matches.

What You Offer Is As Important As What You Don’t

Make the most of negative keywords too. What your brand offers is as important as what your brand does not offer. For example, if your brand sells beauty products for women, your brand can use “men” as a negative keyword. Now your ad for beauty products won’t be visible to male surfers.

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A negative keyword prevents your ad from appearing in front of the wrong audience. This is essential for increasing your ROI with paid ads.

Focus On Gaining A High-Quality Score

Another way to maximize your ROI is to enhance your ad’s Quality Score. the more your audience clicks on the ad and subsequently converts, the higher will be the quality score.

Google places ads with a good-quality score higher on google SERPS which improves their chances of being successful, in turn, maximizing your ROI on PPC campaigns.

Always Execute Highly Targeted Campaigns

Never use one ad, in general, to try and target different audiences. Instead, use a set of targeted ads tailored to specific audiences.

Segregating your audience demographically and targeting them with ads that relate the best value to them is the strategy that will get you the maximum return on investment.

Utilize Targeted Landing Pages For Customers

Add targeted landing pages for customers to reach when they click on your ad. Also, make sure to add videos to your landing pages as it increases conversions. Ensure your landing pages make it convenient for your customers to convert. This greatly helps in improving your ROI with PPC.

What Makes PPC Great For Your Brand?

Reach Your Intended Audience Instantly

PPC advertising delivers instant results! Millions of internet users can view your campaign the moment it gets approved. PPC offers the ability to quickly launch campaigns while ensuring it reaches your target audience instantly.

PPC Ads work best when brands launch products, carry out seasonal promotions or promote an event.

Helps You Capitalize On Business Opportunities

The world is brimming with opportunities.

Think of all the times your business could capitalize when a favorable situation arises. Maybe your competitor’s website is down. Perhaps they’re getting bad press for a blunder? This is when PPC shines the most! You may set up your campaign in a few short minutes and just maybe, have their customers come running to you. It’s all in the timing!

Helps You Understand Your Customers

Another great aspect of PPC is that it’s result reliant. The amount you pay is proportional to the clicks you get on your ad. This makes it easier for you to assess the performance of different campaigns, strategies, or web pages to learn what works best for your business. Don’t think of PPC as a way to generate traffic but rather as a means to understand your customers.

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Remember, the more popular it gets, the costlier it becomes. One of the benefits of PPC is that you can stop the campaign anytime if it starts getting too expensive!

PPC Enhances Brand Recognition & Brand Image

With PPC, you may establish yourself as an industry leader by targeting keywords specific to your brand’s industry. This helps in developing your brand image.

? Did you know? Top 3 paid ads attract 41% of all clicks!

PPC also increases brand recognition because your campaign ads appear at the top of search engine results. This allows you to attract more traffic to your website. Not doing PPC means you’ll be losing important clicks to competitors who do PPC, even if your brand offers higher quality and services.

Reach The Right Audience At The Right Time

PPC gives you the option of choosing the exact timeframe you want your ads to appear. This allows you to reach the right audience at the right time.

By targeting consumers at the most optimum times, you not only reach the correct audience but minimize the likelihood of costly clicks.

? Did you know? 50% of PPC visitors have a stronger buying intent compared to organic visitors.

No Charges Unless Someone Clicks On Your Ads

Another reason that makes PPC highly attractive is its low cost. You don’t incur any charges unless someone clicks on your ad. You can start doing PPC with minimal investment, which makes it ideal for all budgets.

? It’s important to note that the higher you invest in PPC, the greater your results will be.

Generate Traffic In Just A Few Clicks

Don’t know much about SEO? No problem. PPC is here to save the day! You can make all your short term campaigns successful in just a few clicks. Secondly, if your website isn’t optimized for SEO, PPC can be a highly effective way to generate traffic to your web pages.

⚠️ Remember! SEO is essential for your brand’s long-term success, while PPC is excellent to gain consumer’s attention in a jiffy.

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