Starting a Blog? Here are Topics that You Might Want to Cover (Because They’re Great for SEO!)

Starting a Blog
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Users, whether they are on laptops or their hand-held devices, go to search engines such as Google for help in a variety of things. What are the nearest hotels near me? How is the new product from Apple received by the market? What are the best athletic shoes out there?

Given all those questions, sharing what we know online is going to be such a lucrative and very useful venture. Just imagine people looking up to you for guidance on things.

But the question is, what topics are you going to cover? Of course, the topic that you are passionate about is an easy answer. But remember, not all that is interesting to you is of interest to others. A practical answer to this is a topic that usually gets searched on Google and other search engines.

In this article, we present topics that people are frantically searching for in the search engines month after month. If you focus on these topics, it will be a lot easier to promote or subject your content to SEO.

Athletic Shoes

The world is truly becoming more and more health-conscious. There are now who push for special diets such as keto and full vegetarianism. There are those who become more active, and they start doing sports and going to the gym.

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Now, those who choose to exercise will surely need some specialized clothing, and athletic shoes are always on top of their list. Running shoes, basketball shoes, and training footwear are just among the athletic shoe types that regularly get bought year after year.

You can take advantage of this frenzy by helping buyers in making the right buying decisions. Websites like, for example, summarize reviews of a lot of individuals and present the summaries to their readers. This saves them from the hassles of going through the web themselves to look for reviews.

Website Design

For sure, there are now a lot of people who are interested in starting their own blogs. Sure, they have all these great ideas to share, but not a lot of them know how to package these ideas into readable web design and format. This is perhaps the main reason web design is such a well-researched term.

You can make their lives easier by doing content on how to use certain platforms such as WordPress. There’s also Blogspot to easily create pages where they can share their thoughts and valuable advice. You can come up with articles, infographics, or even video tutorials. Just make sure that your content is really easy to understand.

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If really doing the website design tasks themselves is too much, you can still help by referring those people to online businesses that really focus on website design. Some of them are even niche-specific, so they develop designs only for dental websites, online stores, and the like.

Now, aside from making the website look good, many users will also be interested in tips that help them optimize their pages for search engines. SEO topics are going to sell like pancakes, and they are going to be good supplementary content to your website design tutorials. You have to read more about SEO to really get the most of this move, though.


Then and now, travelling has not really lost its appeal. Many people still want to do it, and they want to do it without shelling out so much money. So you will surely have an eager audience if you write or create other content about how travellers can save money and time when they visit certain places.

Writing about your passions is one thing, but writing about topics that you and your potential audience both like is surely another. You just need to find the right balance, and you’re all set to create your first viral content.

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