Why Does My Phone Say “No SIM Card” and How to Fix it for iOS, Android

My Phone Say No SIM Card
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Why Does My Phone Say No SIM? If you are facing any error in your SIM card such as “No SIM“. Also, if you see an alert that says “No SIM Card Installed” or “Invalid SIM“, etc. Then you can bid farewell to this problem forever now. As we will now provide you with the best and ultimate solution to get rid of this error. Where My Phone Say No SIM card problem of the mistakes that iPhone and Android users suffer from. In addition to some other annoying things.

Wich related to the My iPhone Say No SIM error. So what is the real solution? You will simply need to first identify some of the expected causes of these bugs. Besides, you need to know more about the SIM card and all its details. So you can solve the problem in a very short time. As if you are using the iPhone system, the problem is most likely either due to carrier settings or a malfunction in the SIM card itself. Either in the case, you are using an Android phone, such as Samsung or Oppo, etc.

Then, the main causes of the problem are due to network settings and sim card settings. This means that all steps to repair My Phone Say No SIM are routine and simple steps. As you will not need to spend much effort or spend money in maintenance centers. As we will provide you with a very simple magic solution to end this holiday. So if you want to know how to fix My Phone Say No SIM For iPhone & Android. Then continue below to know more details.

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Why Does My Phone Say No SIM?

Why Does My iPhone Say No SIM Card? To start with, you must first know a little about the sim card in your device. Which is short for (Subscriber iDentity Module). And how to fix My Phone Say No SIM. It stores small data that distinguish your device from other devices. In addition to storing iPhone data in case you use the iOS system. Also, the card contains some other data. Which contains authorization keys to allow your device to access text, voice, and data services. Plus, it’s the most important part of your iPhone.

And which he relies on for many tasks. Besides storing the phone number and allowing access to the cellular network. But sometimes when you wake up and look at your phone. Then you see an alert saying “No SIM Card” or “SIM Card not Installed“. Then you wonder why Does My Phone Say No SIM. And how can I solve the problem of My Phone Say No SIM for iPhone and Android? The solution is very simple and lies in some easy steps that we will take together now.

But before that, you must know a little about the main causes of the My Phone Say No SIM problem. As phone and battery shocks are among the most common causes of this bug. Also, network settings, cellular phones, and software updates are among the other most important reasons. Although the malfunction may be due to damage to the SIM card itself. But let’s try to fix My Phone Say No SIM error. So follow us below to find out the steps of the solution and other important information.

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How to Fix My Phone Say No SIM Card For iPhone & iPad

How to Fix My Phone Say No SIM Card For iPhone & iPad

Check Carrier Settings Updates

The first step you will take to get rid of the My Phone Say No SIM Card error. You will be checking the carrier settings. As we all know those carrier settings have the ability to fix many iPhone problems. So check the carrier settings on your device and update the settings if they are available now to solve this error.

Update your iOS Device to the Latest version

Also, it is another important step. The one that will help in ending the sim card error is the updates. As soon as you update your iPhone device. Then you give the opportunity to the software to re-obtain the orders and data of the SIM card. Therefore, we recommend that you update the iOS version to the latest version.

Try Using Another SIM card

In order to make sure that the sim card you are using now is not damaged. Then you can try another sim card on your iPhone. As most of the time, the cause of the error is that the sim card is damaged. So try another sim card on your iPhone. So that you can make sure that the card is intact without any damage.

Restart your iPhone

And finally, the easiest step that some users may ignore. Although it is a very effective step in fixing many iPhone problems. So if you want the best solution to the My Phone Say No SIM Card problem. You can restart your phone as soon as you encounter the error, and it is recommended that you force restart your iPhone.

How to Fix My Phone Say No SIM Card For Android

How to Fix My Phone Say No SIM Card For Android

Change Your Network Mode to Auto

One of the most important steps that must be taken to bypass the My Phone Say No SIM Card Android problem. You will change the network mode to default. Where this step may contribute greatly to ending this error. Several other users also took the step, and it actually worked.

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Remove the Battery and SIM Card

Also, it is of the other routine steps that contribute significantly to repairing the faults. You have to remove your battery and sim card. Then check the card attachment and clean it gently. After that, re-install the card again. And check whether the problem ends or not.

Try Airplane Mode

If you tried the previous step, but you are still facing the same error. You can use airplane mode on your phone temporarily. As this step helps to give a new order to the network data. And thus to fix any faults such as the invalid SIM card.

Set Up Network APN Settings Manually

In the settings menu on your Android phone. And specifically in the APN network settings. You can manually configure the new APN network settings. Which will help you solve the problem of no sim card as soon as possible.

Why My Phone Say No SIM Card Installed When There is One


Now you can find out why My iPhone Say No SIM Card for iOS and Android. In addition to knowing how to fix My Phone Say No SIM Card for all systems. As we provided all the necessary information and steps in the past. So you can solve the problem on your own without having to go to a technician. Also, you will not have to waste much time or effort. Where all the previous steps are activation steps that have already succeeded with other users. You can try to fix the error now and share it with us in the comments.

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