How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11, Pro, X, Max 2021

How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11, Pro, X, Max, And Up 2021
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How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11? This is one of the frequently asked questions from users of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro versions. In addition to iPhone X, Max, XR, and others. Also, you may have encountered this problem before on your iPad or any other iPhone version. In fact, there are a lot of rumors about the reasons and solutions for not showing the battery percentage in the iPhone 11.

Although most of these rumors are completely wrong. But there are some others that are true. Where some users notice iPhone 11 or iPhone Max or higher. The performance of his phone gradually decreases significantly. That is as soon as the battery percentage reaches less than 11%. Also, it is possible for your device to off without any introduction. Although the battery is still charged.

Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11

On the other hand, some users are complaining about something else. Which is that the battery percentage in iPhone 11 is 1%. Despite this, the phone continues to work for hours even though the battery is running low. In fact, you might think that this is an advantage, not a problem. But the reality is not so as there might be a problem with the battery. Or a problem showing the battery percentage on your phone.

Also, it can affect the performance and lifetime of your phone. But not anymore. As we will provide you with all the necessary details. About solving the percentage problem in iPhone 11, Pro, Max, and above. In addition to the most important reasons that cause the battery percentage not to appear. Also, we will provide you with all methods that will help your problem. In addition to simple steps, in order to be able to view the battery percentage of iPhone 11 easily.

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Show Battery Percentage on iPhone 11

How to Display Battery Percentage on iPhone 11?. As we explained above the content of the battery percentage issue in iPhone 11. Which most iPhone and iPad users suffer from. Also, this problem is not limited to iPhone 11 users only. But you may face this problem if you use any of the. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone Max. In addition to iPhone Pro Max, iPhone X, XS, and XR. Where the problem of showing battery level is common in these versions of the iPhone. Also, a large number of iPhone users suffer from it.

Where you can notice your phone is operating normally. Then when the battery level reaches less than 10%. You will find that your phone has been turned off. Without any warning or introductions. Although the battery still has power. At other times, some users face a lack of battery percentage in iPhone 11 and above. And this problem includes some simple reasons that we will solve together in the following. Also, some users face another common problem with battery percentage. You can get as much as 1% of the battery percentage.

Although your phone may still work for hours. Therefore, there may be a problem with the performance of the battery or in the settings in your device. Also, you may encounter slowdowns in your phone device or in running Apps and Games. As the battery is one of the most important parts of the phone. Also, the quality and battery life have other things related to your device’s quality. So, follow along with us below. Then you will find the best solution to the problem of not showing battery percentage in iPhone 11.

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Why is My Battery Percentage Do Not Show?

Mostly, Android devices do not display the battery percentage at the top of the screen on the status bar. Usually, the percentage of the battery is displayed. In the status bar displayed in quick settings. So you can check now if you are not using your phone excessively.

How to Show the Battery Percentage on iPhone 11

How to Show the Battery Percentage on iPhone 11

View in the Control Center

It is the first and easiest way to check the battery percentage. You can easily activate the control center on your phone. By scrolling down from the upper-right corner of your device. Then next to the main battery icon. You will see the battery percentage again.

View in the Batteries Widget

Another way to check the battery percentage on your iPhone 11 is via the Batteries tool. To do this, open the Today view from the Home screen. If you do not find the batteries tool. Then you can swipe down the screen and click on Edit. After that click on the (+) symbol and then add the battery.

Try to Ask Siri

Also, it is one of the best solutions to detect the battery percentage in your phone. In addition to the ability to solve most of the other problems that you will face. Whether in iPhone 11 version or less or higher. Just ask Siri, what is the percentage of iPhone battery. And the answer will be done by the digital assistant.

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Plug It In

Perhaps this is not the best method. But it has worked for many users. And who suffers from the same problem. Just try plugging your device into power again. And when your device starts charging, you will be notified of the battery level.

Get A Detailed Battery Consumption Analysis

In case you want to get details and other information about the battery. Then you can go to the settings. Then choose battery settings. You will get full details about battery performance and remaining power.

Why Does the iPhone 11 Not Show Battery Percentage?

In many cases, the cause of this problem is due to the screen area itself. There may not be enough free space on your home screen. To be able to view the battery percentage of your device. Therefore, you can remove some tools that you do not use from the main screen. Then go to “Settings”>> “Battery” >> then turn on “Battery Percentage”.


Now you can fix all battery-related problems on iPhone 11. Not just iPhone 11. But if you are using iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone Max, iPhone Max Pro, or any higher version. Then you can solve all battery problems easily. As we have presented the best ways to solve the problem of not showing battery percentage in iPhone 11. In addition to explaining the causes of the problem and how to solve it easily and in more than one way. Share your opinion in the comments.

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