All You Need to Know About Intelligent Solutions for Fleet Managers

All You Need to Know About Intelligent Solutions for Fleet Managers
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Technology makes work easier in all sectors. If you work in a fleet company, it is imperative to think about solutions that will bring positive changes like enhanced efficiency, transparency, and more profit. You can consider intelligent solutions that are in the form of hardware and software.

Today, fleet companies are striving to install the latest tracking technology and surveillance systems, buy vehicles with the latest technology, and deploy smart strategies. Managers interact with these solutions more than anyone else since they are the main decision makers in the organization. Thus, they need to understand these solutions better. Here is a guide for all there is to know about these intelligent solutions in a fleet company.

Understand the Company’s Needs

Not all fleet solutions are necessary in a specific company. Cargo-handling fleets might not need the passenger-counting solution. Therefore, the manager should not dwell on this no matter how intelligent it is. Listing and understanding the needs of a fleet company allow the managers to select relevant intelligent technology that has an immediate positive impact on the company.

Investing in the Right Intelligent Technology

As a manager, it is a must that you know the intelligent solutions that exist. Just so you know, here are the main common ones being used today.

  • Tracking technology – according to EyeRide experts, technology that tracks fleet vehicles is invaluable. Every manager should ensure that the fleet company has the latest GPS tracking devices installed in all vehicles and that they are transmitting real-time information at all times. Then, they will always have data to make reports on vehicle movement, fuel consumption, or any other pertinent information before they can make a decision.
  • Surveillance technology – the need to know everything that is happening with the vehicles leads the managers to install dashcams and cabin cameras in all vehicles. They rely on GPS and cellular internet technologies to transmit data in real time to the managers or any other person who is granted access.
  • Passenger counting – managers must handle all issues related to accountability. This solution reduces such conflicts because it provides a data reference of all passengers who boarded buses and coaches.
  • Automatic login solutions for drivers – this is another intelligent solution for managers to reduce conflict between the company and the drivers. It is so smart that it is synchronized with the vehicle engine to track the hours or service. Managers can tell in real time when the drivers are working and when they are not.
  • Vehicle maintenance reports – managers make these reports from data that is keyed into the system by the maintenance department. The essence is to keep track of when each vehicle was serviced and the cost impact of this. An effective system should keep the managers informed through reminders and reports.
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Driver behavior analysis, mobile workforce solutions, and fleet safety technologies are also intelligent solutions used by managers in fleet management today. But as mentioned earlier, what determines the intelligent solution to install are the needs of the company.

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