Fireplaces: What to Think About

Fireplaces: What to Think About
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When looking at fireplaces there are many things you will want to consider before making any decisions. Follow this guide and you’ll be in much better shape when you make those choices!

What’s The Function?

This is hopefully one of the more obvious questions and it should be the very first question you think about whenever looking at fireplaces. Is this going to be for actual heat? Is the fireplace only going to be for show/ambiance? Or are you hoping for a bit of both?

Your answer to this question will help you to determine what type of fireplace you should look at: size, type, design, etc. It should come as no surprise that there are fireplaces built to not give off heat so they are even more pleasant as far as aesthetics go and then there are those larger burner fireplaces that will generate a lot of heat.

You don’t want to mix up the two and pick the one that’s wrong for your specific personal needs!

Portable or Fixed?

This is going to be related to the earlier section, but it’s an important thing to consider. If that fireplace is fixed it may look more traditional and be bigger and grander in scale but once it’s installed: that’s it. There’s no changing it and no moving it.

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There are also many portable or free standing options and these are especially good for aesthetic based fireplaces or certain outdoor/backyard choices.

What’s Your Budget?

Price always needs to be a consideration when you’re looking to purchase. You might be really surprised by the wide range in prices as you can both get a good deal or also find things spiraling out of control if you don’t pay attention. There are miniature portable versions for barely over $100 as well as jobs that would take thousands to install.

That makes it extremely important to make sure you understand what your budget is and to only look at the fireplaces that meet your customized range.

Pay Attention to Quality

Even more important than budget is making sure to get the most out of your money and that means also focusing on quality no matter what budget level you are shopping in. Whether there are government based regulations or standards is one thing but the truth is that quality is measured so much differently.

Look online for reviews, talk to friends you trust who bought fireplaces, and avoid any with a bad or even questionable reputation while concentrating on the many fireplace options that are going to be available with a reputation for high quality and high environmental or managerial styles.

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Don’t Forget Safety Concerns

You never want to think about the bad, however safety does need to be a concern. Whether it is about heat, flame, or gas, there’s always going to be those safety issues that you can’t ignore and want to keep in mind. Bio ethanol fireplaces are popular and very safe when properly installed, used, and taking care of however any time there is an open flame or gas you need to make sure everything is done by the book because that’s not something to mess with or take chances on.

Don’t let this paralyze you from looking at a bio ethanol fireplace. As previously stated they are perfectly safe when properly installed, used, and taken care of but just take the right precautions.

And if in doubt hire some professional help to make sure it is done right. That peace of mind alone is often worth whatever you paid for it.

Consider House Traffic

This is a big one. You may want a low installed fireplace like this from Soothing Walls, but if you have a lot of little ones running around the house or pets that might not be the best idea. In that situation you may want to consider a mounted fireplace that is much higher up off the ground and out of reach. That might not be what you’re looking for in the ideal situation, but safety needs to come first otherwise that’s how a dream becomes a nightmare: by ignoring practical safety precautions.

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Basic Safety Precautions

While fireplaces should be designed to be safe while in use that doesn’t excuse you from taking the necessary precautions to make sure things stay that way. In a smaller room it’s always important to have open doors or an open window to allow for a breeze and prevent the smell of gas from possibly getting too strong or even overpowering in a small area.

You also always want to make sure that any mounted fireplace comes with all the necessary parts to be safely and properly mounted. In addition to this, make sure to avoid any design that looks questionable, uses cheap plastic, or gives off any obvious red flags. There are certain things that just don’t make sense with a high quality fireplace and by avoiding the obvious pitfalls instead of taking it on faith you’ll be far more likely to avoid problems and end up with something you really like.

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