7 Instagram Post Ideas You Need to Try For More Engagement

7 Instagram Post Ideas You Need to Try For More Engagement
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Having more than a million users, Instagram presents endless opportunities for brands and influencers to connect with their audience. However posting the same old content can get quite boring, making one lose followers and engagement. Brands are constantly in search of fun and creative ideas so they have to buy Instagram followers and can skyrocket their Instagram engagements organically. Since we understand the struggle of racking your brain constantly, we’ve put together a list consisting of impactful post ideas you need to try to increase engagement on Instagram.


If the ultimate goal of your Instagram is to establish a brand identity and increase sales, posting sneak peeks and teasers are the way to do it. This way, you can increase engagement on Instagram and create a buzz around your products or brand. Glimpses of your new launch, brand, or collection without revealing too much can intrigue interest amongst your audience and make them come back to your space repeatedly for more information. Instead of photo peek-a-boos, try to curate interesting and flashing teaser videos to increase the time spent on your post along with views and comments. You can partner up with an influencer for more reach and hype.

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Fun, trendy and engaging; memes are a must-use post idea especially for brands that have a younger target audience demographics. Posting memes and fun challenges help drive engagement with the need to buy quality Instagram followers and create a fun and hip brand image. Memes are also considered shareable content and if you consistently employ them in your content strategy, you can appeal more to the millennial and Gen-Z crowd. Various brands consistently post memes to define a relevant brand voice and image. One of the best ways to gain engagement is to create your own trends and memes, revolving around your product.


If you aim to increase engagement on Instagram, there’s no better way than to incentivize your audience to like, comment, and save your posts. Posting giveaways and contests can instantly help you gain traction, shoot up your Instagram engagements and enhance your visibility. Even better, you can ask your audience to mention three or more friends in the comments to enter the contest. You can further expand your reach as a chain of tags can also help you increase Instagram followers, through a single post itself. If you’re on a budget, you can simply post puzzles instead of giveaways, to increase engagements by igniting curiosity and competition.

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A great way to increase engagement on Instagram by building brand authority is to offer educational content to your audience. By posting facts, infographics, interviews with influential personalities, How-To’s, tutorials, hacks and DIYs, tricks, and tips, innovative alternatives; you can actively increase engagement on Instagram. This is because the more time people spend on your post, the higher your engagement goes. Moreover, educational, inspirational, and informational posts are considered shareable content amongst friends and family, further expanding your reach and visibility. So think of out-of-the-box solutions to gain some followers and enhance your Instagram engagements.


Artsy content and illustrations are booming on Instagram and can instantly grab anyone’s attention. If you curate illustrations relevant to your brand, you can create a compelling brand narrative and attract an audience by having to buy Instagram followers. One of the reasons such posts can help users increase Instagram engagement is their aesthetic factor. Posting illustrations with aesthetically pleasing graphics can intrigue people to read the text on it. How you can use illustrations and art content creatively in different manners: How-To illustrations, infographics, sharing your brand’s story, communicating the vision through visual communication, user-generated content, and much more.

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Cause-based marketing is an effective way for positive branding and building genuine and long-term connections with your audience. Case-based marketing concerns itself with associating your brand or campaign agenda with a social cause that can strike a nerve amongst your audience. This can enhance your brand’s contribution towards a larger cause and help you increase engagement on Instagram by appealing to emotions. For instance, many of Dove’s campaigns revolve around challenging beauty stereotypes and women empowerment. This can help in effectively targeting a passionate audience who’s interested in this cause.


Posting behind-the-scenes content and insider glimpses can help humanize your brand and make your audience feel more connected. Team member ‘takeovers’, showing company culture and employees, broadcasting a company event on Instagram live, or simply a snapshot of a regular Monday; are a few examples, to begin with. So don’t hesitate to hop on this trend, and showcase the best side of your brand.


Now that you’re familiar with the most creative post ideas to increase engagement on Instagram, don’t forget to experiment with different formats. Mix and match these content ideas in the form of reels, IGTVs, posts, stories, and more to revamp your Instagram and gain traction organically, with choosing to buy Instagram followers. With some creativity and fun- the sky’s the only limit!

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