How to Decode a VIN Number in 30 Seconds?

How to Decode a VIN Number in 30 Seconds?
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There are a couple of reasons why you want to decode a VIN. You can also call it checking a VIN. We will look at that as we proceed but what you need to know is that these characters have been embedded in motor vehicles since 1981.

You will also find them on motorcycles, tractors, RVs, and even boats. So, what is this VIN? Why do you want to decode, and can it be done in 30 seconds? In such a short time, you may think that the retrieved information is limited.

We will prove that wrong by introducing you to a website that decodes any VIN in 30 seconds, and you get as many details as possible. Before you read about it, we will briefly introduce the VIN and then proceed to the decoding method.

The VIN Explained

Here, we will give an example that can relate to a VIN. Your fingers have fingerprints, and when you were born, a birth certificate was issued to you. These are two things that are unique to every person, and even twins cannot have identical fingerprints or birth certificate numbers.

Car, motorcycle, and boat models are always identical depending on the series. If Toyota releases new models for the Premio model, they will look alike but maybe in different colors. Despite being identical, all these cars will have a unique 17-digit code referred to as the VIN.

The VIN Explained

To know more about a car, especially if you are buying a used one, you should inquire about the VIN. The good thing is that you can find it on several sources, and that’s good for comparison.

First, you can refer to the car’s title and registration documents for it. Once you find it, you can compare it with what you find printed on different vehicle parts. In most cases, you will find it on the driver’s side of the windshield, the door pillar either on the driver’s or passenger’s side, under the hood, etc.

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Once you get it, it’s good to compare and ensure that the characters are all similar. They all have a meaning, and that is what the decoding process will reveal. Now that you have an idea of the VIN let’s see more about the website that will reveal what the characters symbolize in 30 seconds.

VinPit VIN Decoding Platform

VinPit VIN Decoding Platform

It’s easier when you head to the internet to look for answers. It’s faster, convenient and you don’t need to visit any offices for that. VinPit is a web-based platform that offers you a chance to decode a VIN via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

To decode, all you need is the VIN before accessing the website. As a start, you will appreciate the friendly user interface on the website. Everything is visible and well labeled, and you also get a chance to learn more about how you can use the website to your benefit.

VinPit will give meaning to the characters you feed on the input field, and it will do that in 30 seconds or less. It’s that fast, and thanks to the vast database, you will always get a comprehensive report.

Once the VIN is decoded, you will get the following:

  • The manufacturer details
  • Vehicle model and specifications
  • Transmission, fuel efficiency, and the engine type
  • Accessories and parts
  • VIN validation
  • The given serial number while on the assembly line
  • Accidents and theft history
  • Safety information and whether it’s roadworthy
  • Registration and ownership details
  • Damages and inspections
  • Etc.
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We cannot exhaust the list, which means more once you run the VIN check on VinPit. Do you get all that in 30 seconds? Yes, and you also have a chance to download the report for free.

The data comes from verified sources, including DMV, insurance companies, car dealers, repair businesses, and public reports. It’s a website covering 50 states in the US, which implies you will always get comprehensive data regardless of the state you reside in.

It’s also known to protect your identity, and the first step is no requirement for you to sign in before decoding. Next, it does not keep a record of your searches. That means any other person who will search the exact VIN will not get your search reports.

VinPit deletes your search records after 24 hours. Now, let’s see how you go about decoding the VIN in question.

How to Decode a VIN Using VinPit in 30 Seconds

Step 1: Look for your VIN in the places described in the VIN explanation section. Write it down or take a picture, and then access the VinPit website via your browser.

Step 2: On the navigation links at the top, click on ‘VIN Check’ and proceed to enter the 17-digit character code you collected from your car in the input field provided.

How to Decode a VIN Using VinPit in 30 Seconds

Step 3: Click on the Start Search button or hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to start the decoding process. The information will then roll out, and you will get an option to download the report.

Decoding the VIN

To understand what the report will give you, we can shed light on what the characters represent on the VIN. The first one is for the country where the car was made. Cars produced in Asia or Europe will start with a letter while they go for the numbers in America.

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The second one is for the manufacturer, while the third represents the division or vehicle type. The first three letters, when combined, form the WMI (World Manufacturer Index).

Between the fourth and the eighth characters, you get the vehicle specifications. They range from body type to transmission, among other vehicle features. The 9th character is there to tell you if the VIN is legit. It has a mathematical formula in it to check on the security and whether it is recognized.

The 10th one can be a number or letter to represent the year the model was released. Between 1981 and 2000, vehicles had letters B to Y in descending order. Letters I, O, Q, U, and Z are excluded to prevent confusion with numbers. From 2001 to 2009, model years were represented by numbers 1 to 9. Again, zero is omitted to avoid confusion.

Since 2010, letters are now in use, starting with A for 2010. They will be in use until the year 2030. The 11 character shows you the factory or the assembly plant. From the 12th to 17th characters, you get the sequence or the serial number that the car received on the production line.


It’s easy to understand the decoding process and also get help online. VinPit is powerful and resourceful at the same time. That is why it awards you with a detailed report involving the Vin as fast as 30 seconds can take.

That is way too fast than even thinking of searching for the local DMV or NHTSA offices to make a VIN check request. You should, however, be aware of the laws that govern doing such activities. Ensure that you are allowed to perform VIN checks before heading online for a quicker method

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