In What Situations May a Dedicated Server Need?

In What Situations May a Dedicated Server Need?
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A dedicated server may be confusing for many people. Nowadays, many enterprises have switched to this service to ensure their firm’s data security. But some people cannot take this step because they simply do not comprehend what it is and what it is for. Suppose you have already figured out the issue and are ready for an “upgrade”. In that case, choosing a reliable service provider from whom you can rent it inexpensively remains.

Below we will look at a few points that will help you comprehend the basics.

General details

First of all, you should comprehend what it is. This server is designed to run your website or other internet projects. This is not a virtual server where several users share one physical server (VPN / VPS) but a distinct PC that you can totally manage.

Operating a dedicated server helps improve the site’s safety, rate, and trustworthiness. In this way, you can fully control your Internet portal and manage everything, such as configuring the software or performing hardware settings.

When can you need it?

When it comes to implementation, nothing may compete with a dedicated server.

Therefore, these are additional risks in this case, and few company owners can afford this. The main needs are always uptime, ease of maintenance, high connection speed, and fewer virus attacks.

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If we talk about the purpose of the server in a broad sense, then it is not intended only for one thing. It can host various websites, support game servers, and much more. You can also download and view various files connected to many PCs.

When it comes to implementation, nothing may compete with a dedicated server.

Who requires a dedicated server?

Virtual hosting will be enough for you as long as you have an extremely simple, undemanding site without additional services. Difficulties begin when traffic to such a site increases rapidly, or you expand the site by introducing additional services. Then it may not be able to cope because the resources will often depend on other sites located on the same physical computer.

It is a reasonable solution, especially for large news portals that offer additional Internet services such as email, chat rooms, or forums. Here, first of all, we are talking about generating a large amount of traffic, but also – due to the information content of the portal – about a large amount of required disk space. News portals post even several hundred articles a day. Each text is accompanied by one or more photographs, which eventually take up a lot of disk space.

The same is the case with large online stores, which not only have a lot of traffic but also consume many resources due to the huge amount of product cards and photos. It is also recommended for:

  • hosting firms;
  • big forums;
  • gaming portals;
  • video aggregator sites;
  • popular message boards;
  • advertising agencies.
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Large companies and enterprises are also increasingly using dedicated servers that require an independent environment with high processing capacity. Here server resources are used for: email server, website, backup server, document management systems, or file servers.

In big organizations, it is very important to include most of the services on one machine.

How to choose a dedicated server

The selection of dedicated servers according to parameters is a task that must be taken seriously. Be sure to learn about all the details and features of the equipment because the success of your project directly depends on it. The main criteria that we recommend considering are processor power, amount of disk memory and space, OS, location of data centers relative to your location, the ability to get remote access via KVM at any time of the day, network connection speed, and the monthly volume of allocated traffic, support quality.

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