Your Guide to Green Community Septic Systems

Your Guide to Green Community Septic Systems
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Ever wondered if your municipal or community septic system is polluting the environment?

If the system is old and out-of-date, it might be! Most traditional septic systems rely on a leach field to treat and filter wastewater. But if the soil around the leach field drains too quickly, it could be risking harmful groundwater pollution.

That’s why updating to a modern, eco-friendly septic design is so important. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Affordability

The best municipal septic systems are surprisingly affordable to design and install. Without all the heavy labor, digging, and construction required to install a massive tank and leach field, you can have your new system designed, installed, and maintained on any budget.

Even better, these modern, compact septic systems take up less space – leaving public ground open for more important community spaces.

2. Durability

Old septic systems are prone to leaks, clogs, and back-ups. The maintenance and repair costs to keep them running can really add up!

That’s why you should talk to a California septic installation expert about your options. New, advanced septic technology prevents clogs and breakdowns, saving money and time.

Want to learn more about the best septic systems for your property, commercial space, or community? Just call your local municipal septic company and schedule a consultation.

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