How to Be a Nature Photographer in Canada

How to Be a Nature Photographer in Canada
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Did you know that Canada has over 30 nature reserves that are actually bigger than some countries?

Canada has incredible natural features and a rich wildlife population waiting for your to explore!

One of the best ways to capture and appreciate natural sights is to become a nature photographer. And yes in case you are wondering it can be very profitable.

If you are interested in learning how to become a professional photographer, why not read on in our in-depth article to find out.

Research Your Locations

When starting out a career in photography it is important to focus on what you are looking to shoot. From there you can narrow down your key shooting locations.

If you are interested in shooting (photographs of) bears primarily, you may want to start in forest and woodland areas. After you choose which forests you will start in you can begin to decide what photography equipment you will take with you.

Why not broaden your shot selection by taking a drone for some awesome wide-angle or high-altitude shots? You can find out more about this from the professionals at

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Understand the Best Times to Take Photographs

If you are not looking to photograph animals but landscapes and nature shots, then you should plan to start early in the morning.

The time right before the sun rises is known as the golden hour and it offers the perfect light for shooting natural landscapes. Even if you want to shoot animals, there are many advantages in rising early.

If your target animal is nocturnal you might get some great shots before it retires for the day with perfect sunlight in the background.

Continue Your Education

While you might feel that photography is a matter of passion and personal expression, adding some educations and learning from professional teachers can really boost your career.

Many universities and local colleges offer photography courses and even degree courses. Often they will offer education in the niche you are looking for such as landscapes or nature.

Learn How to Market Your Skills

Once you have found your perfect shooting location, chosen your gear, and sharpened your skills, it is time to learn how to sell what you have taken

You can search for local companies who are using nature in their advertisements, such as the tourist board. Why not ask them if they want to buy any of your shots?

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Alternatively, you could sign up with a stock photography site on the internet? While there is a lot of competition, you can often get feedback on your images.

How to Become a Nature Photographer and Much More

Canada has some of the most unique landscapes and wildlife in the world, and because of the size of the country, there are always great new locations to discover.

Choosing a career as a nature photographer will be one of the most enriching decisions you can make, and yes very profitable.

If you are interested in learning more about this and other subjects, why not head over to our blog page for more of the same?

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