How to Get Free Followers for Instagram and Become Popular

How to Get Free Followers for Instagram and Become Popular
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Now quite a large number of people dream of becoming popular. Like every aspect of our life in the 21st century, popularity is inextricably linked to the media environment. In order to be famous in the 21st century, you need to constantly flash on social networks. It is especially worth paying attention to the Isntgram. Watching famous bloggers with millions of subscribers, many are wondering “How to become popular on Instagram?”. Actually, it’s not that difficult. First of all, you need to recruit subscribers. You can do this in 2 ways. The first is a gradual recruitment of the audience. You just need to consistently post content and wait for you to gain your audience. The second, and more practical, is to get free followers for Instagram using a special service, application or bot. For example, follow bot Instagram will be a great way to recruit an audience.

However, this is not all you need to know about “how to become popular on Instagram”.

To get started, choose a topic for your blog.

If you want to become popular on Instagram and start a personal blog, then the first thing you need to do is choose a topic. Blogs on a variety of topics are popular on Instagram: travel, lifestyle, business, promotion, beauty, fashion and much, much more.

Today it is almost impossible to come up with something absolutely unique. Whichever topic you choose, there will already be a certain number of competitors in it. But this does not mean that you will not be able to take your place. When choosing a topic for a blog, start from what you understand and what you are really interested in. Find out what you could be useful to your audience and what you won’t get tired of writing and talking about for a long time.

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When you gain fame and gather a sufficient number of loyal subscribers, you will be able to gradually change and supplement the topic of your blog. Your subscribers will not leave you, because they will already be interested in you as a person.

After you have decided on the topic and concept, created and designed your profile, start to lead it. The main thing is to work on your account regularly, spending time on it every day.

In order for your profile to attract new subscribers and become more popular every day, you need to systematically engage in its development.

Make beautiful shots

Photos are the first thing Instagram users pay attention to when switching to a new profile. Therefore, you will have to learn how to take pictures and spend time looking for interesting shots.

When creating a good photo, the right light is very important. The brightest, clearest and most beautiful shots are obtained in natural daylight. To find new ideas for your photos, see the profiles of other bloggers. Get inspired, look for interesting compositions and use them to create your own original photos.

Process photos

Excessive photo processing has already gone out of fashion. Many bloggers are striving for a more natural feed with the preservation of natural colors and shades. But that doesn’t mean they don’t process their photos. It’s just that now they do it more imperceptibly and subtly.

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To process photos, it is recommended to use not the built-in Instagram filters, but numerous third-party applications. The most popular ones are: Snapseed, VSCO, Lightroom and others.

Write interestingly and competently

Today Instagram is not just a social network with beautiful photos. Instagram users are interested in full-fledged blogs, where they can learn new information, observe the author’s life, and read his opinion on a variety of issues.

The most popular now are bloggers who write long, interesting, and sometimes provocative posts on hot topics. Use it! Do not be afraid to express your opinion on a variety of topics, because this is how you can attract your audience.

Keep track of what your subscribers like

By tracking statistics and user reactions to your posts and stories, you can understand what exactly is interesting to your audience and in which direction you should move on.

Shoot stories

Most of all, people on social networks like to observe the lives of others. Therefore, do not hesitate to shoot stories and show how your daily life goes. The more open you are with your subscribers, the more interesting it will be for them to watch you.

Take an example from bloggers who have already become popular on Instagram. They show everything — how their morning is going, what they eat for breakfast, who they meet during the day, talk about their professional achievements, earnings and personal life.

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Take time to Instagram every day

Regularity is the key to successful promotion on Instagram. Make it a rule to post and shoot stories every day, regardless of whether you have inspiration and motivation or not.

You can prepare posts and photos in advance so that you have interesting content to publish even on days when you are not in the mood to shoot and write texts.

Communicate with your subscribers

It is very important to spend time communicating with your subscribers. After all, people are so fond of receiving feedback from popular personalities.

Whenever possible, respond to messages in Yandex. Direct and comments under posts. Arrange days when subscribers will be able to ask you questions through a special form in Stories. This will make you closer to the audience and will definitely increase your popularity.


By doing all of the above, you can easily recruit your target audience and become popular in the media space. The main thing is to be yourself and move towards your goal!

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