Different Telegram Apps and Clients for Android

Different Telegram Apps and Clients for Android
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Nowadays, finding a person with a smartphone who does not use Telegram is hard. And there is nothing surprising about it. Telegram is convenient and versatile. It is perfect if you want to keep in touch with people around the world for free. However, the majority of people use a basic application. It copes with the basic tasks. Nevertheless, there is a way to make the app even better. There are third-party apps and services where you can find a set of functions and capabilities to improve your experience. We’ve decided to tell you about the best third-party applications that will provide more freedom, flexibility in settings and some useful features. By the way, if you’re looking for an efficient Telegram client, there is a real gem among different Telegram Apps and Clients for Android. The nicegram app is fast, secure and user-friendly.

Now let’s move on with the most convenient and versatile Telegram Apps and Clients.

iMe Messenger

iMe Messenger is definitely the best Telegram can be. It complies with all the needs a modern person can have. The developers of the app have even implemented a crypto wallet in the application. There is also a feature of sorting chats by topics with their unique icons. You don’t have to look for your favorite music on the app as there is a separate tab with music tracks from all chats and channels, as well as many additional settings and a whole sea of functions. Chatting with foreign friends is even easier. You can easily translate a message from a foreign language by clicking on the icon directly in the chat, convert voice messages into text (which you can do only by purchasing a premium version of the official app), use a special bot to create automatic responses, quickly search for GIF files and much more.

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Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger has an incredibly flexible interface setup. The user can change the design according to their preferences by choosing the font, the styles of “bubbles” in the chat, the colors, gradients and much more. The user can change the appearance of the messenger the way they want for the greatest convenience. You can pin up to a hundred chats (while there is a limit of 5 chats on the official app), enable notifications for a specific contact when they go online, translate messages from foreign languages directly into the chat and much more. Of course, there are not as many impressive functions as competitors have, but it still has everything you need.


Telegram is famous for its security. However, if you require an additional layer of protection, BGram will be a perfect solution for you. It almost perfectly copies an original app. There is a feature of protecting chats by password or fingerprint. What is more, the application supports many advanced features. For example, you can edit a message before forwarding it, add a bookmark to certain content or create a link to a message. At the same time, the interface is as close as possible to the original one without unnecessary icons and settings items.

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The developers of ForkGram know that small things matter the most. That’s why they have taken the original application and modified it a little bit by improving some features. For instance, you can forward messages with the original publication time (shown only to users of the same application), disable camera access to the application, quickly go to the first chat message or pin an unlimited number of chats to the main menu. You can also start recording video immediately from the main camera of the smartphone. The ideal solution for those who are satisfied with the original interface and functions but want some additional features for convenience.

Graph Messenger

The application is equipped with an advanced download manager and a tab with files from all channels. There is also a separate unified content feed, the ability to modify your voice when recording and sending voice messages, password or fingerprint protection of chats, and much more. There is even the possibility of tracking a contact. The application will send a notification when a user is active, as well as save changes to the profile (avatar, phone number or name). One of the disadvantages is that there is a lot to work out. Graph Messenger seems a bit overloaded with features and it can be difficult to figure out what to do. There are also a lot of advertisements. You should decide on your own if all the advanced features are worth it.

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Telegram apps and clients can significantly improve the way you use the messenger. In light of the features listed above, you can choose the most suitable and convenient application with various functions for everyday or business use. Choose wisely!

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