How to develop a TikTok marketing strategy for your business in 2021

How to develop a TikTok marketing strategy for your business in 2021
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TikTok is a highly competitive marketplace, and 90% of the videos in this platform have a brand placement. If you want your video to stand out and cast an impression, you need to strategize it to perfection. It is only when you plan your content and walk the extra mile can you expect to make a mark on this platform. Here are some tips that will help you strategize your TikTok marketing initiatives.

Focus on TikTok SEO

If you are keen on getting your content noticed, you cannot ignore the role of TikTok SEO. Start by using relevant hashtags to complement your video. You need not restrict yourself to the use of a single hashtag. If you look at the top TikTok videos, you will see that they have 3.26 hashtags on average.

If you are unsure of the hashtags to add, go to the search bar and type in a broad keyword that is relevant to your content. TikTok will suggest a range of hashtags related to the video. You must choose your hashtag depending on your target audience. For example, generic hashtags are useful while catering to a broad audience. Localized hashtags are useful when you take targeting a small group.

The hashtags that you use appear in the video description. Although TikTok permits users to enter 100-character descriptions, those with less than 87 characters have a higher chance of getting viral. Hence, for the best marketing results, you must plan your hashtags and select only the ones that are the most relevant to your video.

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Leverage TikTok Effects

If you want your videos to get noticed in the crowded TikTok space, you need to make them visually appealing. TikTok offers a range of filters and special effects for you to choose from. The effects are neatly categorized and New, Trending, Beauty, Funny, etc., and you can simply pick one that is the most convenient for you.

TikTok also offers some advanced editing options such as the green screen effect. Here, you can use a preferred image as the video background and alter the look of your video. Alternatively, you can use an external video editor to prepare a video and then upload it to TikTok. While TikTok appreciates authenticity, and you may choose to skip the editing, a visually appealing video has higher chances of being shared.

Partner with Content Creators

A look at how brands are leveraging TikTok will put celebrity collaborations at the forefront of video marketing. About one-fourth of the videos on TikTok features an influencer or a celebrity. The key to getting the maximum sales and conversions from your videos is to identify influencers who are popular among your target audience.

TikTok caters to younger demographics, and such people are easily impressionable. If you can get popular public figures to vouch for your brand, you can expect a boost in your sales.

Ideally, you must spend time on TikTok to understand the popular personalities and then reach out to them with a partnership proposal. Understand that most such influencers get hundreds of brand collaboration requests every week, and you need to be patient while expecting a response.

Be Regular in Your Posts

The average TikTok member has a frail memory. If you want a brand recall, you need to post regularly. A look at the TikTok behavior of the most popular brands will reveal that post an average of 3.52 videos every week. There is no guaranteed path to getting viral on TikTok. The more videos you post, the better are your chances of success.

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TikTok encourages short-form content, and videos that are less than 15-second long tend to perform better. Thus, if you have longer content, try to break it up as multiple shorter videos and post them as a series. You can also take clips from the videos that you post on other social media platforms and tailor them for TikTok. Cross-promoting the content will allow you to come up with more videos. This increases your shots of getting viral on TikTok.

Use TikTok Ads

If your marketing budget permits, try to invest in TikTok ads. TikTok is a dynamic platform and paid advertisements to help you reach out to a wider audience in no time.

In-feed Advertisements

The in-feed ads are like traditional advertisements and are skippable. Brands can incorporate their website links, order now buttons, and other CTAs on such videos.

Branded Hashtag Challenges

When a business invests in branded hashtag challenges, the viewers are shown a banner ad. The banner ad takes the TikTok user to the page that has the instructions for the featured challenge. If your brand is aiming to attract specific customers, then branded hashtag challenges are the way forward.

TopView Ads

The TopView Ads are shown to the TikTok user once a day. The ad appears in full-screen mode when the user launches the app. That way, these ads have higher chances of catching the attention of the viewers. You can expect a better recall value of TopView ads.

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Branded Takeovers

Branded takeovers can be a combination of images, video clips, GIFs, or any other media. You can also opt for the branded takeover to lead the viewers to a hashtag challenge or a landing page. Every day, TikTok allows branded takeover by only one business. That is why this form of advertising is slightly expensive and may not be affordable for smaller brands. As of 2021, branded takeover for a day begins at $50,000.

Blend Your Content

Like every other form of social media marketing, you need to blend your TikTok content to ensure the best reach. Ideally, you should have a posting schedule to make sure that most of your videos are entertaining or informative. Meme videos, listicle videos, and knowledge bytes add value to the user and are likely to be shared. If you post such content regularly, more people will start following you.

In TikTok, every 100 followers correspond to 12 engagements on new posts. The engagements may be like, shares, or comments. Thus, as you grow your TikTok followers, you can expect a better response to your promotional content. The key to establishing your brand identity on TikTok is knowing how to strike the balance among the different kinds of video posts.

TikTok is a dynamic platform, and you need to keep up with the latest trends. Being active on the platform helps you understand the public sentiments and plan your videos. The journey of TikTok is constantly evolving, and a good fraction of brands are yet to build a presence here. Joining the bandwagon sooner will put you at an advantage, and you can then steer the marketing success story of your organization.

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