How to Clean Your Laptop Easily

How to Clean Your Laptop Easily
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If you are one of those who takes the laptop with you everywhere, your computer needs the least amount of decontamination. Traces of all kinds of food and other objects are wedged between the keys and every small or big picture.

If the above description reminds you of your laptop, then your choices are three: either get new, or give it for cleaning, or clean it yourself. Because however, in the time we live, it is rather difficult to choose the first two solutions, all that remains is your personal commitment.

Besides, beyond the aesthetic aspect, there is practice. Dirt accumulation in ventilation ducts leads to an increase in internal temperature resulting in reduced performance and reduced lifespan of the portable. Also, the accumulation of dirt under the keys may result in malfunction or even blocking.

Therefore, the need for a good cleaning is imperative, insofar as our knowledge of computers permits us. The proper process of cleaning a laptop requires knowledge that the average user does not own. For example, the correct way to clean the keyboard is to remove it. This procedure is different for each model and should not be done by people who do not have the proper technical knowledge.

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The following guidelines suggest actions that anyone can perform and help you clean your laptop without having to be an expert.

Screen Cleaning.

In no case should you use a cleaner for glass, stoves, kitchens, etc. to clean the screen surface. You will only use distilled water. Do not use tap water or bottled water as it leaves salt. We lightly dab a cloth, squeeze it well and gently clean the screen, taking care not to drip water. If the dirt remains, apply a little more pressure and rub until it cleans.

Here’s the easy part.

The hard part is the points that touch the screen with the plastic casing, where the cloth can not penetrate. What do we do then? Wrap the cloth around an object with a thin but not pointed nose, for example, a flat-bladed screwdriver. By applying minimal pressure, we pass the cloth away from the contact points. This procedure requires a lot of attention because it is possible to tear the cloth and scratch the screen.

To clean the remaining plastic parts of the screen, follow the same procedure. For persistent dirt, in plastic parts only, you can use instead of water, white alcohol.

Keyboard Cleaning.

The dirtiest part of the Laptop is definitely the keypad. Above, below and through the keys are the proofs of activities throughout the summer. To clean it you will need more than distilled water.

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Underneath the keys, you will use either a compressed air spray or, for better results, the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner has the advantage of picking up dirt and not spreading in space. For cleaning between the keys, you will use cotton swabs that have been dusted beforehand with alcohol. Use a soft cotton cloth with alcohol on the surface of the buttons. At the points where the cotton swab does not fit, use the same way I described above, the cloth with the fine screwdriver.

Cleaning of ventilation passages.

there are some openings on the side and bottom of the portable car that is designed to drive the hot air from the inside out. Due to the continuous flow of air, dust and hair are collected at these points preventing proper ventilation. For cleaning them you will use alcohol and cotton buds after you have removed that you can with the vacuum cleaner. Be careful not to use compressed air as the dirt will get inside the laptop.

Touch Pad and Remaining Plastic.

With the same materials, cloth, alcohol, thin screwdriver, and in the same way, clean the surface of the touchpad and any plastic surface of the laptop.

At last, your laptop shines from cleanliness. If not, do not be disappointed, it will definitely be better off than the houses that the 2 English presenters are supposed to clean up on the well-known TV show.

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