CAPM vs. PMP Certification: Which Should You Pursue?

CAPM vs. PMP Certification: Which Should You Pursue
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Today, project management is a growing craze at a fast rate. Almost every professional whether it be in the corporate or administrative sector is now pursuing project management certification courses. New companies and startups are evolving nowadays, and they are seeking to hire various new qualified project managers. So, all these certification courses have a good reputation.

These certification courses give you expertise and specialization in a particular field. So, if you are planning to bring a positive impact on yourself, get yourself these courses. The two most popular courses are CAPM and PMP certification courses. For better exam preparation, you can take help from pmp dumps 2022. Let’s discuss both of them in detail and see which one is best to pursue and for whom.

Certification Required For CAPM Courses

Some essential documents required for getting a CAPM course are:

  • Three years of experience in leading projects.
  • 40 hours of training and skill in project management.
  • An associate degree will also work.
  • Optional, high school diploma.
  • Four years of training and project managing skills.

Moreover, it is not compulsory to have four years degree in project management. But an ideal CAPM candidate must know its relativity and expertise. Also, the CAPM course is ideal for candidates who are just starting their career and taking it to the next level with the experience of 24 hours of management education and training.

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Requirements For PMP Certification Courses

The important prerequisites for the PMP exam are given below:

  • A secondary school diploma degree or an associate degree.
  • Approximately 1-year of experience in leading and directing teams and managing projects.
  • 2 hours of project management training and education.
  • Four-year degree in project management course.

However, PMP candidates are not mandatory to hold a bachelor’s degree of four, but it is good and beneficial to have such a degree. Unlike CAPM, PMP candidates are required to have at least one year of experience in project management to qualify.

Cost Of CAPM vs PMP Certification Course Exam

Project management is generally pursued by professionals, and thus it is good to get such a reputed and globally accepted certificate in your CV. these courses are valuable and is considered to be the long-term best investment in your career, as they yield high. CAPM certification course costs only 225 dollars available for only PMI members. And for non-PMI members, it may cost 300 dollars. Whereas, PMP exams cost 450 dollars for a PMI member otherwise 600 dollars.

Which Exam Is More DIfficult: CAPM Or PMP?

CAPM certification exams are not much rigorous as compared to PMP certification exams. You can prepare in the best way for the CAPM exams very easily by going through various capm dumps. However, PMP exams are globally accepted and are convenient as it yield higher than CAPM exams. Furthermore, if you prepare wisely, there will be no difficulty in cracking these exams.

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Now that you have understood the brief description of both CAPM and PMP certification exams, it’s time for you to make your decision. Your decision should not be based on its difficulty as nothing is impossible to crack. So, check your basic necessity and see what are you expecting in the future from these courses, and see which course fulfills your requirement in a better way, and then make your decision.

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