The Best Flexible Led Panel

The Best Flexible Led Panel
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Nowadays many people are looking toward LED panel lights for their homes and businesses. They are becoming a popular choice against downlights or spotlights. LED stands for light-emitting diode, in this current is passed through semiconductors to produce light. These are low-weight solutions to illuminate your space. The large panels spread light more evenly. LED panels are all in one package longer lifetime, brighter environment and low maintenance costs.

LED panels have picked up a wide application from control rooms, retail, commercial, and broadcasts to sports. Now is the best to switch from your fluorescent lights for creating stylish, trendy interior designs.

Types of LED Panels-

Depending on your need you can choose from a wide variety of types of panels available in the market. These are the most popular ones-

Rectangular Panels: These are the most basic type of panels. These are used for general lighting and provide limited adjustability. Based on your choice you can choose different dimensions.

Round Panels: These are mostly used in the suspended installation. Round panels offer a low profile with bright light. They are available in different diameters.

Edge-lit LED Panel Light: As the name suggests these are used around the panel. Generally, used for drop-in lighting installations.

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Colour Changing Panels: These are pretty popular these days. Most often used as decorative lighting, these can be controlled by remotes.

Temperature Controlled LED Panels: These panels have a broad spectrum of light which can be adjusted. The adjustments can be from cooler to warmer by remote control. The brightness of the panels can also be controlled.

Benefits of choosing LED Panels-

A major benefit of using LED lighting is savings, it saves both energy and money. Check out the list, if you want to learn about some more benefits:

  • Long lifespan
  • Directionality
  • Low voltage operation
  • Efficient
  • Better Environmental Performance
  • No heat emission
  • No UV emission
  • Flexible design
  • Withstand frequent switching

There are some characteristics which tell about the performance and suitability of LED. These are the ones you should keep in mind before buying the best flexible LED panels for your setting.

Efficiency: LEDs are the most efficient lighting options available out there. These are about eight times better than common lighting options. The life of panel lights is more than 25000 hours. But while selecting LED you should you should confirm that voltage protection is present in it. It will maintain the uniformity of output during voltage fluctuations.

Position and Size: You need to take a good look at your place. For offices and other large places, you should look for large panels. With proper sizing of panels and different watts availability of LEDs will brighten up any size of space. Most common sizes are 600×600 and 120×30. Along with size you also need to take care of fixtures and grids for installation.

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Ease of Installation: LED lights are a hassle free, they are easy to affix to the fall ceiling. Magnetic module designs can be a good option for easy installation and maintenance. Unilumin kslim provides super light and slim LED panels with quick installation and maintenance.

Colour Temperature: The colour of the light depends on your choice. But you should make an informed decision regarding these. In white there are three shades which are cool white, natural and warm white. The colours affect your mood and the human brain. The ideal colour for a cool tone of white is 5000K to 6000K. Natural has ranged from 4000K to 5000, while for warm white it’s 2700K to 3000K.

Emergency Versions: We should always be thinking about emergencies while buying LEDs. In situations like power cuts, you should be equipped with some emergency panels in certain areas. Due to low power consumption LED panels last longer for about three hours.


LEDs are ahead in any terms when compared to another traditional lighting. So, if you are also looking for turning towards them. Check out the quality panels provided by Unilium, these are lightweight with low power consumption. The installation and maintenance are pretty easy with magnetic module design. It can be ideal solution for all your needs, be it retail, commercial, business or housing choices.

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