DISH Network’s Boost Mobile To Get Into Sports Betting

DISH Network's Boost Mobile To Get Into Sports Betting
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Boost Mobile announced a partnership with DraftKings in addition to its own sports betting services. Customers will have access to these features direct from their phones, but some of the capabilities, including adding money to your DraftKings wallet, will be available in Boost Mobile stores as well.

Dish and Boost Mobile

Dish Network is a telecommunications company best known for its satellite TV service and internet service. Dish is also the brand behind Sling TV, and it provides mobile wireless service via Boost Mobile. Boost Mobile emphasizes no-contract phone services and uses the T-Mobile network. When Sprint merged with T-Mobile in 2020, it announced plans for Dish to purchase Boost Mobile just several months later.

Just Edgy Enough AT&T Wouldn’t Do It

Mobile wireless phone service is highly competitive. Even the apparent advantages companies like Boost Mobile used to enjoy do not seem all that relevant anymore. Dish is therefore seeking new offerings from Boost Mobile that will help separate it from the pack. This is where the partnership with DraftKings comes in, which is actually between Dish and DraftKings and expanded to the Boost Mobile brand.

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Delivering Services Competitors Can’t or Won’t Match

All of the mobile carriers mimic each other to some degree. If a feature performs well for one carrier, you can certainly expect most if not all other carriers to provide something similar. There are a number of innovations that Boost Mobile brought to the table and which AT&T aped via AT&T Prepaid and Cricket. Boost Mobile is therefore seeking standout features that AT&T and the other major carriers cannot or simply will not duplicate, which it believes is the case with online sports betting.

Stephen Stokols—Boost Mobile executive vice president—said, “We want to differentiate beyond value. We’re moving into sports entertainment [and in a way] just edgy enough that you’re not going to see T-Mobile […] or AT&T do it.” Sports betting is not the first such offering. Boost Mobile offers a suite of privacy products that help protect consumer identity and even avoid ads, and it added a telemedicine service—Primary Care Plan from K Health—that gives customers access online to medical professionals.

Contests and Direct Bets

Sports betting available through Boost Mobile will not be exclusive to the DraftKings platform. That partnership will allow for various fantasy sports services, including free and paid contests that can pay out as much as $100,000. Boost Mobile will also provide access to your DraftKings account via its storefronts, which is the first time there has ever been a physical presence associated with the brand. It also has plans in place to allow customers to earn tokens for use through DraftKings.

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Boost Mobile also plans to offer more traditional sports betting, and it will handle this aspect of its new business without assistance from DraftKings. The specifics of its sportsbook have not yet been finalized, but it is known that it will vary from state to state based on local laws. It is also known that there will be integration with Dish’s pay-TV service, which will have channels dedicated to sports betting as well.

Is Integrated Sports Betting a Game Changer?

Dish believes that these new products are a game changer for Boost Mobile and for its Dish satellite TV service. But customers who want such access already have it through numerous avenues. It will likely come down to whether Boost Mobile can make these products more convenient and more compelling—both in terms of the entertainment value and out-of-pocket costs for consumers.

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