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Would you like to renovate your traditional fireplace? If so, it may be a good idea to consider a fireplace insert which is a heating appliance that you can place inside your old fireplace. A fireplace insert can benefit you in many ways including:

Saves money

A fireplace insert can help you save money as it reduces the cost of rebuilding or renovating an existing fireplace. Renovating or rebuilding your old fireplace can involve major structural work, and can end up interfering with your daily household routines. These renovations are also very costly.

A good upgrade to your heating

One of the major reasons why people like to have a fireplace insert installed is the fact that it gives the benefit of added insulation, and the insert’s ability to utilize the heat produced instead of losing heat up the chimney.

Makes a room more beautiful

This is because of the fact that fireplace inserts are usually aesthetically pleasing. In fact, some of the fireplace inserts can make your room more beautiful only a few minutes after their installation. It’s the reason many are buying an ethanol fireplace these days.

Signs your existing fireplace needs to be renovated/repaired

  • When the chimney cannot vent flue smoke and gases from your fireplace in an effective way, consider repairing or replacing it.
  • When you notice that your fireplace has many cracks or missing mortar joints, you should stop using it as it can increase the risk of a fire in your house. This is because of the fact that the chimney is not able to safely contain heat from the fireplace.
  • If you notice any loose or missing bricks, consider replacing or repairing your chimney as any brick chips lying on your floor, in the firebox or on the ground could indicate that your chimney is not in a good condition.
  • If you notice water leaks in your chimney, call for repairs as soon as possible
  • A damaged or missing chimney cap could indicate that rain and snow are damaging the insides of your chimney or it could mean that creatures such as raccoons, bats and birds could be making homes in the flue.
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The best way to know the extent of damage is by having a professional inspect your fireplace. This inspection is very important, as it can help you choose an effective solution that will deal with the fireplace problems you are experiencing.

You can either decide to replace your fireplace, repair it or choose to place a fireplace insert. At Biofires we have the option of bioethanol grates which can be a simple but convenient solution for redundant or empty fireplaces or for fireplaces whose flues or chimneys don’t work anymore.

All you have to do is to insert it into an empty fireplace and you will be enjoying a working fire in a matter of minutes.

The major benefit of a bioethanol grate is the fact that unlike traditional wood-burning fires, it doesn’t need a working flue or chimney as biofuel burns clean and doesn’t produce any smoke, ash or soot and unlike a gas insert, it doesn’t need any connections.

If you would not like your traditional fireplace to be converted into a bioethanol fireplace, then it may be a good idea to consider the grate as you can easily remove it whenever you want to burn wood.

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