What You Should Do To Fix Water Damaged iPhones & iPad

What You Should Do To Fix Water Damaged iPhones & iPad
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How to Fix Water Damaged iPhones? Did your iPhone fall in the water? Have any liquids reached the motherboard in your device? Do you want to know the best quick way to solve and Fix Water Damaged iPhones? Then follow up with us on today’s topic. You will get all the necessary steps to solve the problem. There is no doubt that dropping your phone in the water is one of the worst scenarios and nightmares that haunt you. Where we always are concerned if we have an iPhone that does not have the feature of liquid resistance.

As water causes many problems in the performance of your iPhone. In addition to the screen, battery, and SIM Card. In addition to what other problem may be more dangerous than that. Water causes the connections inside your appliance to mix. Besides, the entrance color of the accessory has changed. Also, it can cause damage to certain parts of the motherboard. Which will need to be repaired at a maintenance center. However, you can often take some simple steps.

Which you can contribute to Fix Water Damaged iPhones as soon as possible. Where there may be a visible malfunction, and other times the bug is not visible. Based on that, we will provide you today with all the necessary details on how to Fix Water Damaged iPhones. In addition to the first necessary Steps, You Must Do Once Your iPhone Water Damaged. So if you are wondering how to fix my iPhone if it got stuck in the water. Then follow this article with us and you will get the final solution to this problem.

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What Should I Do to Fix Water Damaged iPhones?

There are some quick steps you can take to Fix Water Damaged iPhones. Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, or any version of iOS. Then you can follow these steps. And it will contribute greatly to repairing the defect. But you should first know that there are some liquids other than water that can reach your device. Which can cause more damage. Also, it is possible that your cup of coffee will be poured onto your iPhone.

Or maybe iPhone Fell in the Sea when you go to a beach. And other reasons with different liquids. Mostly, if your iPhone falls into water, it is better than it falls into any other liquid. As the water is less dangerous than other liquids on the motherboard of your device. However, there are some simple and routine steps. Which will have a positive impact on Fix Water Damaged iPhones.

You have to remove your phone from the water immediately once it falls. In addition to removing the SIM card and turning the phone upside down. In order to give an opportunity for the liquid to come out from the lower phone slots. If you have the tools to unlock your iPhone device. Then you can do this quickly and use a small towel to dry the water. After that, you can put your phone under the sun.

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Besides adding a little rice around your device. As rice helps absorb moisture and liquids. If you do not have enough tools to open a phone, you can clean the charger port, headphones, and microphone with some cloth. Also, you can go to a maintenance center nearby to help you open your iPhone. In addition to some other simple steps that we will explain below.

How to Fix Water Damaged iPhones & iOS & iPad

How to Fix Water Damaged iPhones & iOS & iPad 2021

Turn Off the Power to Fix Water Damaged iPhones

One of the first and most important steps that you will take is to turn off your iPhone as soon as possible. In order to avoid activating the circuits inside your device. Besides Fix Water Damaged iPhones and reduce damage.

Take Off Your SIM Card

Another of the first steps that you will take. It will gently remove the SIM card from your phone. So as not to be damaged by water or lose data. Then dry the location of the SIM card and turn your phone upside down.

Use Some Tools if Available to Dismantle Your iPhone

If you have the right tools to unlock your iPhone device. It will be a very positive step on Fix Water Damaged iPhones. Also, it will allow you to dry the liquid from the inside of your iPhone. Which leads to reduce the damage caused by the water.

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Use Some Dried Materials

You can also use some dried materials to get rid of this problem, such as Silica gel. As it will help you to remove any liquid from your device in a short time and thus fix the problem faster.

Put Some Uncooked Rice Around Your iPhone

There are many users who have tried this step. Where it met with great success in fixing the problem and returning the iPhone as it was. As rice helps absorb fluids and moisture efficiently.

Leave Your Device Under Direct Sunlight For A While

Also one of the other simple steps that will help you on Fix Water Damaged iPhones. You will put your phone under the rays of the sun. This will help you get rid of any liquids inside the iPhone. In addition to drying your device completely from any water.


Did your iPhone fall into the sea while going to a beach? Did your iPhone drop in the water? Do you want to know the first and most efficient steps in Fix Water Damaged iPhones? Then you can follow the explanation above. As we have provided the best simple steps to solve and Fix Water Damaged iPhones problem. In addition to an explanation of the damages that can be caused by this problem. Along with the steps to take once the iPhone falls into the water. You can share a comment with us.

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