How YouTube is Monetized: Making a Living out of Passion

How YouTube is Monetized: Making a Living out of Passion
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YouTube has been the ultimate supporter of various hustlers with a passion to create virtual content. The platform has played a crucial role as an equalizer of wealth distribution. The potential of becoming an ordinary person becoming a mega-star has been raised by YouTube. Recent trends have suggested that a lot of upcoming Hollywood and Netflix artists started their journey through this platform.

YouTube requires a lot of dedication and persistence and that’s an immortal fact but once your channel starts taking off, there’s no going back. The monetization program of YouTube allows you to create a profession out of your side hustle and if you stay true to the platform, it holds the potential to turn you into a business millionaire.

The hard part of getting into the YouTube business is getting started. If you feel like nothing is working initially, start investing in purchasing some YouTube audience. There are plenty of quality stores out there on the internet, one such store that guarantees you an organic audience base is YouTubeStorm. The marketing agency specializes in excelling your growth rate and improving the analytics of your channel by a thousand times. Their premium features include a real and authentic audience, customer support services, and quicker delivery.

Once you reach a certain level of subscribers, your monetization process begins. The number limit of subscribers has currently been kept at 1000.

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A watch time of 4000 hours is also necessary as an eligibility criterion to start YouTube Partner Program. With that being stated, below is a step by step guide to monetizing your YouTube passion project:

  1. Meaning: To understand the details, we need to brush up on our basis first. YouTube monetization generally means earning shares that the platform itself provides you. It is not linked with Affiliate marketing at all.
  2. Meet the eligibility and proceed with verification: Once you meet the criterion set by YouTube for monetization, you need to enable a two-step verification process.
  3. Terms and Conditions: Like any other official documentation that comes with terms and applied conditions, YouTube also asks you to SignUp for its T&Cs. Make sure you have gone through all the provided information thoroughly to avoid conflicts and confusion. For this, you need to select YouTube Studio from your profile section and choose the option Monetization. Once you have signed up for the document, you are good to go for the upcoming step.
  4. ADSENSE CONNECTIVITY: This is crucial most of the entire process, you’ll need to connect an account through which you’ll get paid. Generally, it is called an Adsense account. Once you have accomplished the AdSense connectivity. Your Monetization Program will begin.
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There are plenty of amazing tools you can avail yourself yourself once you qualify for the program. You can get ad revenue from overlay and display ads, the platform also helps. You can also earn through Channel Memberships, YouTube features Channel Memberships as a part where offering members exclusive memberships and badges to your top supporters can help your brand grow stronger.

Next, a great option you should go for is selling your official merchandise. This kind of monetization allows you to make a separate identity for your brand. Generally, YouTube in this case is a mere tool used for leverage.

YouTube has crowdfunded programs with Patreon as well. The range of services is wide and if you have the appropriate knowledge and value, you can conquer the world of YouTube.

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