Using the Service of Temporary Staffing Agency in Seattle

Using the Service of Temporary Staffing Agency in Seattle
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  • Seattle is the largest city in Oregon. Many companies have an office in that city. In addition, the company needs a lot of staff. One of the most wanted staff is temporary staff. Normally, the company hires temporary staff for fulfilling the empty position. The company may need it in a hurry. Therefore, the company will look for temporary staff as soon as possible. The temporary staff also can be used for filling the job position at a specific time. The company may need it only for several months or a few years. To solve this problem, the company needs to conduct the selection process to look for temporary staff.

    Conducting the selection for temporary staff needs a quite long time. The company needs to announce the advertisement for the job and spread the information to the public. Then, the company needs to do some screening process to select which potential candidate that meets all of the criteria. The company also needs to do some tests including theoretical and interview tests to see the skill and knowledge of the candidates. That process requires a lot of energy. In addition, the company needs to create a special team to be responsible for the selection process. Well, nowadays, the company doesn’t need to do all the selection process but still get the best candidates. How to do it?

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    The company can ask the cooperation of the staffing agencies seattle. The staffing agency will do the selection process on behalf of the company. Only the best and professional candidates will be selected as the chosen temporary staff. Many credible staffing agencies can be chosen. However, in order to get the best temporary staff, the company can choose the staffing agency with a long track and record. One of the best staffing agencies is Scion Staffing. The staffing agency that is located in Seattle provides the best service. This staffing agency can offer temporary staff for the companies that are located in some areas such as Seattle metropolitan, Vancouver, Beaverton, and the National U.S employment markets. In addition, this staffing agency has experience for more than 13 years in recruiting temporary staff for many companies. The track and record of Scion Staffing make it as Best Executive Recruiting Firms by Forbes. This agency also includes the top list of recruiting firms according to Business Time.

    There are some specialty areas of Scion Staffing. For example, the company may need some job positions in the Administrative Division. Then, Scion Staffing will look for based on the description for some positions such as Executive Assistants (EA), Administrative Assistants (AA), and Office Management. The company that looks for the Finance Division can find some positions such as Directors, Managers, Controllers, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Assistants. Scion Staffing is also an expert in finding the staff for Human Resources Divisions. There are some positions of this job such as Directors, Managers, Generalists, HRIS, and Recruiters. Another specialty division is the Operations Divisions. The available job positions are Operations Directors, Facilities, Directors, and Assistants.

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