Blogging: 5 Tools to Automate Your Work

Blogging 5 Tools to Automate Your Work
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Our parents say that our generation Z have more opportunities than they used to do and in fact, it is the truth. Thanks to the fast-developing technologies you can start your business directly from a coach, launch an online project or work not even going outside a flat. Digitalization captivated the world, and the same did the sphere of blogging. Modern time is full of opportunities, sometimes they seem unreal as they are not material. Or they are? Times of free blogging with likes and reposts have gone away, as even a teenager can start earning money with their creativity. Now well-monetized blog defines how successful is your occupation. Actually, blogging is like a real job, and you should be multifunctional to reach a peak of popularity. This article will help you to automate your job with useful tools to be concentrated just on your creativity.

Planning of Content

Inspiration is not the thing that we should really rely on. The occupation of blogger and manager differ in one thing – the first one is built on creativity. For those times when there is no idea what to share with subscribers a content-plan come into play. Write down any good ideas that come to your mind while you running, watching something or just wandering. Those notes will come in handy in moments of inspiration lack. Also, you can find some great ideas here  that can help to build your audience. 

Blogging Automation of Publications

Next step is the publishing of your content. Plan to publish according to ready content plan, so there is no need to do it manually. You can prepare new content while a service posts the current posts automatically. It remains only to track the peak of the activity of the audience and set publications at certain hours. There are a majority of services, which can help you to plan your content in advance.

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Hashtag Analysis

This tip will help you with a big scope of things: finding new subscribers and readers, analyzing others’ publications, sharing your content to the subscriber of certain hashtags. A reader or subscriber chooses a hashtag, subscribers and views publications.

SEO Optimization

Sometimes even big quantity of subscribers still doesn’t make a blog popular, despite on relevance and usefulness of content. The thing is search engines. It is crucial to help search engines determine with accuracy what your text is about and what reader’s requests it corresponds to. As this article brace both social media blogs and personal websites, we’d like to outline that SEO optimization can be applied just for websites. It is not such a complicated process, just divide a text with headings and subheadings, add keywords (you can find them in the bottom of Google page for any request) and other metadata.

BPO Services

If a business grows it requires more time. In the case when YouTube, WordPress or Instagram blog become popular it is time for getting revenue. Mostly need to evolve more people to the process of production appear, thus more business processes do, too. A blog will live if there is still time and creativity for it, so in order to not lose the creativity, business process outsourcing may help. It can be managing of financial issues, or searching marketing automation software with content blogging bpo services can take it upon themselves, so you are just left with content production.

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As we mentioned above blogging becomes a serious occupation, which can give you a means for living. Like any job, it takes a lot of time if not all your time. Unlike the usual job from nine to five this newbie demands to think on new content every free second, so your assembly line is always in work. Those who work hard get their revenue.

How to Make Money Blogging

Now bloggers earn mainly from advertisers. Advertisers are interested in blogs with no less than 5 thousand subscribers. Gaining their attention is not easy, but possible and worthy. It is good to enlist the support of other popular bloggers, so it will work like a chain reaction – pro-blogger talks about you and subscribers are coming to you). For vloggers (those who work with video content) here is the YouTube Partner Program – affiliate program from Google. From February 20, 2019, only owners of YouTube-channels with at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 views per year can monetize their videos (that is, connect them to the affiliate program and get paid for viewing and clicking on partner advertising).

There is no best blogging platform, but there are popular ones, which is built for certain content. YouTube – for video, Instagram – for content through esthetic pictures, WordPress – for text content. All of them are free website sites. Anyone can start this activity, but success depends on a person’s persistence and hard-working.

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Business Ideas for Blog

Before you engage in the development and launch of a blog for the purpose of earning, you need to figure out which area of ​​knowledge you are a true specialist. It should be noted that the blog should provide its readers with relevant, interesting and up-to-date information. Users are always looking for something.

Top-something lists have their own advantages and disadvantages: people love to read them, but many resources stamp consistent, repetitive ratings. Good point is that in such lists it is easy to insert contextual advertising, advertise your product.

Food recipes are a great way to increase your website traffic. With this theme, you automatically involve advertisers of restaurants and cafes.

The interview is still not sufficiently developed niche that you could take. Attracting certain people — customers, professionals, experts, executives — is a great way to add personality and credibility to your blog. Periodic use of personal information such as photos, interviews, and quotes helps to establish a more personal connection with the audience. The best way to stand out from other bloggers is to publish interviews from experts in the field.

Bottom Line

It is not necessary to immediately implement all the tools described above: start slowly, gradually adding new methods of automation to your arsenal. After all, the main thing is to enjoy your activity and then other people will be interested in it. Blogging on any of the platforms is not an easy task, but a professional approach that comes with experience will set your work apart from other similar platforms for entertainment.

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