4 Important SEO Ranking Factors to Consider for your Business Website Hosting

SEO Ranking Factors to Consider for your Business Website Hosting
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SEO, web design and hosting services go hand in hand are extremely critical to have a strategy for in the 21st century. According to studies done last year, 34% of the interviewed SEOs stated they obtained an amount less than £30,000 while some other group of respondents, 25% stated they obtained returns 10 times that.

Why is Online Optimisation Important?

SEO needs to be carried out in a manner this is effective in accomplishing your SEO goals and providing that all vital meaningful presence at the World Wide Web. Our organisation is based in England and as such we optimise our website for Local SEO Liverpool which is an example of what keywords we push for our business and this would be similar to what we do for most of our clients.

Every company with an online presence needs to have a good understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), given the importance of the subject for their organisation, and to understand how strong SEO can make a big difference for a business. Good SEO providers use accountable SEO methods, inclusive of paying more interest to on-page search engine marketing, securing excellent again links, improving citations, helping social sharing, making sure an amazing consumer experience, and many others.

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Web Hosting factors that affect SEO

The web hosting service you use has a major impact on your SEO and can influence your rankings and we will explain why.

Key elements to avoid:

  1. Slow server
  2. Downtime
  3. Database connection failure
  4. Shared hosting with spamming websites

It’s not news anymore that Google uses website speed as a ranking factor, and this is official. Many of us only work on improving the website design without focusing on choosing a fast hosting service. When we meet businesses for the first time, we lay everything down to them as we want them to be a success and having a good start technically is good for them and will help with their long-term objectives. Some of the free tool available include (Pingdom, GT Metrix, Google’s test my site & page speed tool) and can help troubleshoot your page load time. We push for clients to say no to shared hosting unless it’s our controlled dedicated servers and having a local hosting web service is highly beneficial.

Guide to hiring an SEO Company for your business

You must be savvy when choosing a company that will propel your business to the next level.

A few things that crop up in my mind include:

  1. Check who is optimising your competitors’ websites,
  2. Check their portfolio and see where those clients are sitting on the search engine,
  3. Seek recommendations from other companies,
  4. Check the services your preferred company is offering.
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And when it comes to other services: if they know their stuff about SEO, there’s a fairly good chance that they are adept at the likes of social media management and blogging as well, meaning that you could end up making a bigger saving by having said organisation handle more than one task pertaining to your online profile. I like using an example of company called simba digital which since their inception have a host clients ranging different niches from wholesale suppliers, office supplies, finance brokers, portrait artists and pet niches.

Final words

Search Engine Marketing & SEO is one of the core areas that we specialise in here at Simba Digital, and you can read more about how SEM, SEO and Web Hosting Services can boost the fortunes of your business online by visiting our website for further information: http://www.simbadigitalmarketing.com/

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