Speed up your internet with DNS service today from cloudflare

Speed up your internet with DNS service today from cloudflare
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Today in the April Fool, Cloudflare launched a DNS service that helps speed up Internet connectivity and help maintain privacy. The service is based on the use of DNS as it will be the fastest DNS service in the use of the Internet, according to Cloudflare, and anyone can also use this service, also promised to remove DNS queries records within 24 hours.

DNS services are working on resolving the domain name to a real IP so that it can be understood by routers and switches. However, the DNS servers provided by Internet service providers (ISPs) are often unreliable and slow, as Internet service providers (ISPs)  can identify all sites visited using The best DNS servers. This is one of the privacy problems.

Cloudflare has provided its own DNS service through by working with APNIC.

Cloudflare’s DNS is one of the strongest and fastest DNS resolvers with a global response time of 14ms while open DNS response time is 20ms and google DNS 34ms , Cloudflare’s DNS service will support both (DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS-over-TLS). Clodflare has provided many previous services aimed at serving the web, including SSL to provide free encryption service for many websites and also provides free protection of sites against DDoS attacks.

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