Ride The Waves With Luxury of Cordelia Cruises

Ride The Waves With Luxury of Cordelia Cruises
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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean with the Cordelia Cruise Booking as you seek solace or a deeper connection with the world of nature. A cruise can be the perfect family holiday with kids or an awesome romantic getaway for two. The luxurious experience has an array of onboard activities, including comfortable accommodations, dining, dining, and live entertainment. Cordelia Cruises are perfectly designed and take passengers to some of the most beautiful Indian destinations as well as international destinations. The highlight of a leisurely cruise is to explore the captivating landscapes of the getaways as well as come across their cultures, and traditions and devour local cuisines Cruise From Mumbai, set sail smoothly with an onshore excursion where you can visit iconic landmarks, shopping malls, and gorgeous beaches. Cruise to different port cities in India, like Goa, which is a melting pot of sun, sand, and spice. Enjoy a cruise to Kochi which has alluring hilly areas and amazing backwaters which not only attract travelers but traders too. Let the adventure unfold as you sail towards Sri Lanka which is known for its history and beauty and explore the beauty of Hambantota, Jaffna, and Trincomalee There are five stateroom options available onboard ranging from economy to stylish ocean view cabins with private balconies. Besides being elegant they are comfortable where you recharge yourselves after a complete day full of activities and entertainment onboard. The dining experience is awesome with the exclusive restaurants, -Waterfront and Chopstix. Entertainment options include a theatre where you can choose between Broadway and burlesque, a one-of-a-kind casino, along with a hip and happening dance floor. You can further enjoy the fancy spas, salon, swimming pool, and fitness centers onboard. Catch up on your reading of Anna Huang as you snuggle up at reading zones.

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Range of Cordelia Tour

Cordelia Cruise Booking has offers that range from

A) 2 Night Stays where you can travel from Mumbai to Diu or Mumbai to Goa to Mumbai circuit. These two-night cruises are popular with weekenders who plan to spend their weekend on a cruise. Another great Cruise From Mumbai is to Kochi and return to Mumbai.

B)3 Nights Stays- A great option with Cordelia Cruise Booking is Mumbai -High Sea- Goa- Mumbai or Kochi, where you spend three nights onboard and traverse the mesmerizing coastline between Mumbai and Goa. Another alternative cruise is from Kochi and later heads towards the turquoise seas of Lakshadweep before returning to Mumbai.

C) 4 Nights Stays Kochi-Lakshadweep- High Sea-Mumbai where you spend two days on the high seas, enjoy the onboard amenities, and view the eternal and endless blueness as far as your eyes can see.

D) 5 Nights Stays include Chennai – High Sea to Colombo-Galle -Trincomalee – Chennai.Where you can begin the cruise from Sri Lanka’s Colombo and cruise down towards Galle and to Trincomalee, then to Chennai, and then take the High Seas and return to Colombo. Another popular domestic circuit route is Goa to Mumbai-High Sea-Lakshadweep -High Sea to Goa. Or you can cruise from Mumbai and proceed towards Lakshadweep, then Goa, and finally return to Mumbai.

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E) 7 Night Stays –These night stays include some of the best and most brilliant domestic and international destinations. You can opt for Mumbai- Goa- High Sea- Kochi- Colombo – High Sea -Trincomalee-Chennai. Or start your cruise in Chennai, heading towards Colombo in Sri Lanka and further to Male, which happens to be the capital of the Maldives, and then cruise up to Goa and finally disembark in Mumbai. The latter is a great option because you can cover two international destinations of Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Itinerary of the magical cruise of three days from Mumbai to Goa to Mumbai

Day 1-Welcome to Aamchi Mumbai

Kickstart your Cruise From Mumbai as you board the Empress at 8:00 p.m. and check in at the bewitchingly designed and well-equipped staterooms. That is the epitome of comfort and luxury. Relax and unpack as you get to admire the shimmering and gleaming ocean from the cabin. As the sun sets, enjoy food and drinks at the lounges and bars onboard or party at the Dome, which has awesome music playing to let your hair down.

Day 2-At the Sea

The next day is for complete rest, as you start the day with a lip-smacking breakfast. Make the day at sea more enjoyable as you can take part in enjoyable activities that the cruise has planned and has to offer. The buffet has delectable options ranging from Indian to International cuisines, which are presented by experienced and seasoned chefs. The night becomes more entertaining and charming as you get to experience an outdoor movie under the starry skies as you sail smoothly on the waves. Get lucky as you spend some time at the casino.

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Day 3-Drop the anchor as you reach Goa

The morning is full of excitement as you reach your destination in the early morning hours around 7:30 a.m. As soon as you get off the cruise, you can begin your fun-filled day in Goa. The multifaceted Goa is an unmatched destination with its iconic churches and amazing landmarks in Old Goa. As you are on dry land, you can visit the spice plantations, and temples, and take a tour of Panjim City. When hunger strikes, enjoy a Goan lunch with the locals, or even better, go on a Goan Culinary tour. Indulge in water sports activities like jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. Before you head back to the cruise liner for afternoon lunch. And relax and unwind with opulent accommodations. The night becomes young with magical and musical performances with events like Indian Cinema and Ballet Balle, and later you can spend some memorable time with your loved ones. Play Blackjack at the casino on the cruise.

Day 4 Arrive in Mumbai

Pack your bags with countless memories and leave for Mumbai as soon as you reach the destination in the morning, around 7: 30.

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