Portland itinerary

Portland itinerary
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Portland is the in the heart of Pacific North-West, the final destination of historic Oregon trail, a place of great natural beauty and hi-tech center. The city has most breweries per capita in the US, excellent parks, and viewpoints, and it is close to scenic roads, mountains, and stunning Pacific coast. To help you with the ton of city attractions, we made an itinerary so you can plan your visit.

Viewpoints in Portland

The city is situated in the northern part of the Willamette Valley, a 240 km long valley surrounded by mountains. The Cascade Range is east of the town, while the Oregon Coast Range rises on the west with Mount Hood stratovolcano peak rising to 3429 meters 80 kilometers to the east.

There are some stunning views in Portland, and many agree the Pittock Mansion is high on the list. Visiting the mansion on the West Hill, you can learn plenty on Portland history, but a lot of tourists come purely for the view. You can see the Mt Hood, downtown and most of the city.

Another great viewpoint is the Portland Japanese Garden in Washington Park. While the garden itself has more then a few photo opportunities, in the eastern part of the park, you will get an excellent downtown view and if you are lucky and visit on a clear day a stunning Mt. Hood view.

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The Council Crest Park is the highest part of the city, and you will get a great view of stunning Oregon Cascade Range, but also a beautiful panorama of the City with Freemont Bridge and the Rose Garden.

Do not skip Portland Aerial Tram that operates as a means of public transport between South Waterfront district and the Main Oregon Health and Science University campus in the Marquam Hill. There are observation decks on the top of the hill, and some great views from the tram.

Portland Oregon Skyline

Downtown Portland has an attractive skyline, and there is more than one place to enjoy the view. If we exclude the viewpoints mentioned above, an excellent spot for taking skyline photos is from across the river and the Eastbank Esplanade. A 3 kilometers stretch offers excellent hike and plenty of skyline view photo shots.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park has a beautiful view of the river and the skyline. If you want to enjoy the skyline view and grab something to eat, visit the Revolution Hall Rooftop Bar.

The Broadway and Freemont bridges are by itself an attraction, and both offer a great skyline view. A bit further down the river is the St. John Bridge, a historical landmark and along with the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, one of the most impressive river crossing in the West Coast.

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Best parks in Portland

Portland receives a lot of rain, which contributes to the lush vegetation, and the city has an excellent network of parks and recreational areas.

Washington park near downtown has more than 130 acres of gardens, lawns, and trails. Oregon Zoo is situated here, as well as the Japanese Garden and the Children’s Museum. It has picnic areas, fountains, children’s playgrounds, and ball fields.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park attracts joggers, bikers, and hikers. It is a place for community events such as the Oregon Brewers Festival, and the river waterfront is it is the biggest appeal.

Blue Lake Regional Park is just outside of Portland but offers many amenities like a splash pad for kids, a sandy beach on the lake, and lots of playgrounds, picnic areas, and other fun features.

The Fields neighborhood park is in the Pearl district, and it is a large urban green area with a dog park, children playground, and ample open space with lawn hosting events like concerts.

Best time to visit Portland

If you want to visit Portland, make sure you apply on time to esta for america papers. You can apply online, and the process is pretty straightforward. Once you answer the esta application questions, the committee will determine whether you are eligible to visit the US, and the ESTA is valid for two years.

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The best time to visit is in summer. From June to August, there is the least amount of rain, and the city’s roses are in bloom. On the downside, the city is quite crowded with tourists in summer. If you like winter sports, Portland is a great hub for visiting Mount Hood.

Things to do in Portland when it rains

Outside of the three summer months, it pretty much rains all the time in Portland. Though, most of the time, it is an annoying drizzle, not pouring rain. Locals like to visit Second run movie theaters where prices are lower. You can get local beer and snacks. A big thing in Oregon is hot tubs with many natural hot springs in the state. There are a couple of places in the city with hot tub offerings.

Rainy day is perfect for the Historic Columbia River Highway, 120 kilometers of a scenic highway, which is also a historic landmark. Rain gets the waterfalls flowing, and the foggy feeling makes scenery transcendent. Among the most popular spots on the route is the Multnomah Falls, second highest in the US.

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