Never use mobile broadband | Get a dedicated internet connection

Never use mobile broadband – Get a dedicated internet connection for your trade fair booth
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When you attend a trade fair or a conference, you don’t want to use the internet connection that you are being provided with.

It’s painfully slow and you will have to experience a nightmare by connecting to it. To overcome hassle, you can think about getting connected to a mobile hotspot, which you can set up from your device. But is it the best solution?

Cellular phones before only make use of circuit switching. However, recent technology made it possible for service providers to bring in networks that use packet switching.

Thus, just like a telephone switched into broadband, cellphones that use packet switching were born, allowing both internet and call service.

Yes, these cellular phone developments made it possible for the mobile Internet to exist. Mobile Internet standards are referred to as third-generation (3G) networks, which offer data speeds ranging from 350 Kbps to 2 Mbps. This allows users to access the web through their phones, but its services are limited.

However, over time, engineers have found a way to increase the efficiency of packet switching cellular phone networks by introducing HSDPA or High-Speed Downlink Packet Access, thereby allowing faster mobile Internet browsing.

This is already a big breakthrough. But it’s actually not the last. Currently, another latest technology, which is the 4G, is being conceived.

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4G aims to deliver the fastest speed in mobile Internet, allowing high-quality video streaming, fast gaming, and even faster net browsing – but then of course, it can never be the fastest for such a long time, as other generations such as 5G, 6G, and the nth G may soon be coming.

Now you know that technically it is possible for you to share the mobile broadband connection to get your internet connectivity requirements catered. But you should not use it.

Instead, you are encouraged to obtain short term wifi internet via as it can provide a convenient solution to get connected to the internet at an affordable price tag.

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