Elevate your car with accessories: Essential tips for car owners

Elevate your car with accessories
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Car insurance helps to protect your car and provides financial assistance in case of accidents, theft or damage. It provides important coverage for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise while driving, but, did you know that car insurance can also cover the car accessories you add to your car? Upgrading your car with accessories not only enhances its appearance but can also improve functionality and convenience. Here are some key car modification tips for car owners on how to maximise car insurance coverage for accessories.

Understand your car insurance policy

It’s crucial to carefully review your car insurance policy before you start installing accessories. Make sure you understand what is already covered and what needs to be added to your policy.

Know the types of accessories covered

Factory-installed accessories are those that come with the car when you purchase it, such as a built-in navigation system or premium audio system. Car insurance typically covers two types of accessories: factory-installed accessories and aftermarket accessories.    These are usually covered by default under your car insurance policy. On the other hand, by adding additional features to your vehicle after purchase example roof racks, LED lighting or vehicle customisation may require additional endorsements or riders to your policy.

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Evaluate the value of your accessories

It’s important to assess the value while considering adding accessories to your car. Some accessories may not be relatively expensive, while others can be quite costly. Keep in mind that the value of accessories may impact your insurance premium. High-value accessories may require additional coverage. It’s crucial to consider the cost of insurance coverage versus the value of the accessories.

Document your accessories

It’s crucial to document all the accessories you add to your vehicle. Take clear photographs and keep receipts for proof of purchase. This documentation will be invaluable if you need to file a claim in the future. Also, maintaining detailed records of your accessories can help expedite the claims process and ensure appropriate compensation in case of loss or damage. It is essential to check with Kotak General Insurance for such details, as not all accessories are covered.

Notify us

It’s important to inform Kotak general insurance about the added accessories, once you have a clear understanding of your car insurance policy and have documented your accessories. Failing to inform us may result in denied claims or reduced compensation in case of an incident involving the accessories.

Review coverage limits

Policies often have a maximum limit on accessory coverage. While adding accessories to your car, it’s important to review your policy’s coverage limits.

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You can ensure that your car insurance coverage adequately protects the added accessories. Elevating your car with accessories is an exciting way for auto enhancement of your driving experience. Understand your policy and remember, it’s always better to be proactive and prepared to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future.

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