Best 5 Way to Fix My iPhone Won’t Restore or Update

Best 5 Way to Fix My iPhone Won't Restore or Update
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Every day many iPhone users face many problems. While iPhone Won’t Restore is one of the annoying problems for users of the iOS system. As you once try to restore your iPhone and then you find an alert message saying (This iPhone cannot be restored). So what is the final solution? It simply isn’t complicated at all. Although iPhone Won’t Restore is a common problem for iPhone. But you can easily overcome it in a few simple steps. Without the need to go to a technician.

Or go to the maintenance center or pay any cent. As we will provide you with some activating and effective steps. Which has actually worked well with many other users. And who suffers from the same annoying problem. But before we start explaining how to fix My iPhone Won’t Restore. You must first know some important reasons that make iPhone Won’t Restore error. Often, the bugs are not on your iPhone at all, most of the time. But the main reasons for the iPhone Won’t Restore problem.

Are due to the accessories of your phone or PC. The first thing to think about once this error occurs is how to update and restore iTunes. In addition to changing the Lightning USB cable and checking for some updates and settings on your device. And other simple and easy steps that will end the error in a few minutes. So you can follow this article to the end. In order to know the best solution to fix the problem of iPhone Won’t Restore. So, follow us with more details and other steps below.

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Why Does My iPhone Won’t Restore?

There are many causes related to the problem of My iPhone Won’t Restore. The factors for the occurrence of such errors vary between many iPhones. Although you can only fix the problem with one step. But one of the main reasons related to this error in iTunes. As soon as you face a problem, restore your iPhone device. Then you must first check and search for the iTunes update. As it is one of the main steps to end this problem. Also if you are experiencing this bug for the first time.

Then you can check the USB cable as well as the Lightning cable. And make sure that there is no obstacle or damage to the cables. It is another common cause of an iPhone Won’t Restore problem. Also, you can check your connection to the Wi-Fi network or the Internet. And it may be connected to a device on a fake network or there is no internet connection. In this case, you will have to check the settings and your network connection. In order to get rid of this error as soon as possible.

Also, there are some other reasons related to the software. It is recommended to update your iPhone regularly. In addition to deleting unwanted files, data, apps, and games. Which powers up a large space of ​​your iPhone. Also of the other important steps that we will explain below in detail. It is to use the DFU mode to solve the iPhone Won’t Restore. Where it is considered a magic solution to end this error. Just follow with us in the next to know more other steps.

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How to Fix My iPhone Won’t Restore Error

How to Fix My iPhone Won't Restore Error

Try A Different USB Cable & Lightning Cable

One of the main reasons for the iPhone Won’t Restore problem is cables. Therefore, we recommend that you check the cable and USB cable carefully. Besides checking and changing the Lightning cable. As any damage to the cable can lead to the iPhone Won’t Restore problem. So try to use a different cable to quickly solve the problem.

Update iTunes On Your PC & Mac

Also one of the other important reasons that have a great influence on the emergence and solution of the problem in iTunes. You are required to update your iTunes on the computer. Which is one of the most important steps in fixing the iPhone don’t Restore error. Accordingly, update your iTunes on the PC. So you can end this problem forever.

Restore Your iPhone Using DFU Mode

Also, we are used to that there are some additions provided by Apple. Which helps to fix many problems that users face. Where the DUF mode is one of the most important of these additions. Which you can use to easily restore your iPhone. Besides solving all problems related to this.

Update Your iOS to the Latest Version

Also, it is another simple refresher step that must be taken. And which contributes very greatly to ending many problems of Apple and iPhone is the update. You are required to update your iOS device regularly. So as not to face such annoying problems in the future. Therefore, we recommend that you update your iPhone to the latest version. So you can end the problem.

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Check Wi-Fi Connection

Another factor that affects iPhone restoration. Which iPhone users do not think about. The problem may be due to a poor connection to the Wi-Fi network. As this can lead to an iPhone Won’t Restore error. So check your Wi-Fi connection as soon as any alert messages appear about restoring your device.


Now you can get rid of the most annoying iPhone problems. With simple and easy steps, it will not take much time. As we have provided the best solution to fix the iPhone Won’t Restore error. In addition to explaining the most important reasons why iPhone doesn’t Restore. Also, we have provided all the necessary steps that will contribute to ending the bug quickly. In addition to explaining the most important reasons that could lead to such problems. You can share your opinion with us in the comments.

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