How to Win Placement Games In Overwatch 2

How to Win Placement Games In Overwatch 2
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If you are looking for ways that guarantee your victory in placement games in Overwatch 2, you are in safe hands. Here, you will find everything you need to know to win placement games in Overwatch 2.

Winning placement games is central to all competitive games, and Overwatch 2 is no exception. Placement matches are played at the dawn of the season to rank the players. A good number of wins in placement games in Overwatch 2 means you are ranked among the top players right from the beginning of the game. On the other hand, if you lose placement games it lowers your rank. It strongly impacts your rank and performance throughout the entire competitive season. So, take it seriously.


1. Get a firm grip on the latest metadata

Before you start playing placement matches in Overwatch 2, do not forget to check the latest metadata because it will impact your performance irrespective of your skill. Confused? Let’s simplify it. At the start of every competitive season, the strength and capabilities of each hero are defined and they are published. Some are made strong while some are reduced in strength. So, even if you play well but choose a weak hero you might not be able to win. But, a strong character will even make up for your shortcomings and bring you victory. So, keep yourself updated on any developments and patches by the developer.

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2. Play different roles and try different heroes

Another tip to win placement matches in Overwatch 2 is to try out different roles and heroes irrespective of the fact how you performed with the existing hero. Sometimes you need to change the course if you are not getting the desired result with your existing selection. Apart from this, it will make you flexible and adaptable thus increasing your chances of winning in placement matches. But, here also, do not forget to keep in mind the meta updates.

3. Play for the team

As you know Overwatch 2 is a team-based game, so your ranking depends on the performance of your team, not your solo performance in the team. Mind it. Hence, be a good team player. Communicate effectively, encourage others, be courteous, maximise on the capabilities of your partners, and shield them where you find them lagging and in danger. Plus, also choose your roles and heroes with team coordination.

4. Do Warm-up in Quick plays

Have you ever participated in sports or watched one on TV? What do players do before the match? SOME QUICK WARM-UP EXERCISES because it prepares muscles for upcoming challenges. That’s exactly what you need to do before going into the placement match to emerge victorious. Warm yourself up in quick plays. Quick plays do not affect your rank in any way. So, in quick plays, you are rather relaxed and have ample space to awaken your muscle memory and foolproof your strategy. Do take advantage of this golden opportunity.

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5. Don’t play if you don’t feel like playing

This one is very important. Do not play placement matches if you are tired or not in the mood. You may feel tempted to play as many matches as you can in the shortest possible time. But, do not fall for this temptation because it has two downsides. One, you won’t perform well and a lost match means a lower rank. Two, it costs you your mental peace. So, do take breaks in between matches and play one when you feel like playing.

6. Play with diverse people to find reliable teammates in your lobby

Having good team members is a blessing. But in games like Overwatch 2 you do not have control over who you team up with. So, try to play with diverse people in your lobby. This way you get to know players and their respective skill sets. It will help you devise a stronger strategy if they fall in your team. Even if they fall in the rival time in a placement game you know what they are good at and how to counter their strategy. Apart from this, playing with different players will also diversify your own skill set.

7. Get some help

Placement matches are crucial in determining our rank and are the stepping stones to ranked matches. So, there is no harm in getting some professional help to ace it. You can get professional help in the form of boosting to get a good rank. In this way, you can start your competitive season with a marked edge over other players.

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You are now all prepared to win placement matches in Overwatch 2. Just focus on these and start now. A good rank awaits you.

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