How do I prepare for PMP 2022?

How do I prepare for PMP 2022
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Students and aspiring candidates swarm around them with their initiatives like bees when it comes to the various competitive exams around the country. Among such exams, the Project Management Professional (PMP) gained immense popularity, owing to its broad-spectrum role and handsome returns. It is a tough nut to crack, no matter how much of a fascinating job it feels. Candidates require several months of extensive study and preparation to make it through.

Can you imagine the pomp and enthusiasm once you crack the exam and land in a respectful role? Yes, that is indeed a fascination. Consequently, do not hurry, as every step in this preparation journey matters. Thus, before you start looking for more details, there are a few essential tips that you must follow. Such tips will help you gear up for the exam and help you gain that extra notch to get your boat across the river.

Following are some substantial tips that will give you an idea to start preparing and shake off any existing rust;

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Win Over The PMBOK Guide

The PMBOK guide acts as the primary lifeline of the PMP exam. Getting a good grip on it helps you cover 50% of the preparation journey. Plan yourself a proper roadmap to complete the guide within a stipulated time. Your goal should be to complete at least one aspect of knowledge of the PMBOK guide every week. A thorough study of this guide will help you develop a clear understanding of every aspect, thus increasing your chances of success.

Have a Good PMP Preparation Book At Hand

One of the primary necessities while preparing for PMP 2022 is to have a proper PMP preparation textbook. Remember that the PMP is an exam not for people with a good memory but for those with a clearer understanding. Take up textbooks by authors like Andy Crowe and Rita Mulcahy, famous authors for the PMP aspirants. Preparing for such an exam is time-consuming, and you do not want to spend your time cluelessly. A proper textbook will act as a catalyst to carve a proper preparation path. Such textbooks will facilitate the knowledge of basics before delving deep into the ITTOs. Thus, you need not waste time memorizing the ITOs but understand them with strong basics.

Sign Up For PMP Workshops

The various PMP workshops come in handy to disperse accurate training and information to the aspiring candidates. The PMP workshops act as the perfect platform for one-on-one interaction along with a classroom experience. Here you will get to meet various other aspiring Project Management Professionals and increase your knowledge bandwidth. The prerequisite of 35 contact hours before the exam will also gain fulfillment through such workshops.

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If Not In-person, Try Online Workshops.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, you might feel insecure about attending an in-person PMP workshop. You have an option to attend such workshops online and make your preparations sharper than ever. Here you will also get an option to choose your desired style of study and make progress alongside.

Utilize the PMP Exam Simulators Online

The online test series of PMP exam simulators can help you gain that extra edge above your competitors. Here, you will get an opportunity to assess your progress and learn a lot of things. The test series will help you understand the kind of questions asked in the exam, with an idea of the time limit at hand. You will get a first-hand experience of how the exam pressure feels and report the areas you must improve.

Be A Part Of Discussion Forums And Study Groups

Aspirants often overlook the necessities of study groups and discussion forums. Such platforms act as perfect catalysts to help you with your last-minute preparations to get your doubts cleared. Consequently, you can revise your subject prowess by clearing doubts that others pose. Thus, such discussion forums will be a good opportunity to test and better yourself.

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While preparing for PMP 2022, remember that cramming things up won’t work. Have a clear understanding of concepts and their practical implementations. Hold on to your nerves and keep preparing; success is on the way!

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