How much of a grip does mobile commerce have on our lives?

How much of a grip does mobile commerce have on our lives?
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Were you to take a quick look at how you manage your day-to-day spending habits, you might notice one big change from even a few short years ago. While many of us are happy to make purchase orders online, the speed and ease of which we can do so have been changed thanks to the development of mobile commerce. As the new infographic from shows, we have more than a small number of decisions to thank our smart use of a mobile device for when shopping.

How much of a grip does mobile commerce have on our lives?

How does mobile commerce impact our decision making?

To some, it will feel strange to believe that their phone plays such a big role in making decisions for them. However, did you know that 80% of buyers today will use their smartphone when they are out and about shopping in person?

The reasons are simple: it’s much quicker to open up your phone browser than it is to walk to a competitor on the high street. Instead, you can start to use the power of mobile commerce and make a rapid change to your decision making. That 80% of people will use their smartphone to:

  • Evaluate the actual quality of the product. What are people saying about it online? Are they happy to agree it is worth the money, or are there some concerns worth paying attention to?
  • Take a look at the product availability in some other stores nearby. This helps you to find out if the price you are being charged is good value, or if you should go somewhere else instead.
  • Pick the right product. From being able to quickly compare it with alternatives to make sure you get the right edition, mobile commerce makes it much easier to evaluate what you need.
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As you might imagine, this has a considerable and telling impact on the kind of decisions that you make. If you want to start making a serious change to the kind of commerce that you carry out, then you can expect to use your mobile to do so.

Is my mobile device a bad thing, then?

Absolutely not. in fact, with one-third of people now using their mobile phone to back up their own assumptions on a product for making the purchase, you can easily make sure that you are more informed when you make a purchase.

In the past, you would just buy from the store through a fear or missing out or not getting whatever you happened to come into town to pick up in the first place. With the help of a smartphone, though, you can now begin to be a touch more informed and thus much more likely to make a meaningful impact on the world around you.

Being clear and being open about the kind of changes that you want to make it tough work, but thanks to smartphones and the data they give us access to it might all just become a little bit easier.

Below you will find “The Future of M-Commerce” infographic by Signal boosters UK which outlines how big mobile commerce is set to become as a means of shopping;


The Future of M-Commerce


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