Why Your Business Need a Virtual Phone Number In 2020?

Why Your Business Need a Virtual Phone Number In 2020?
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Technology has changed everything around us. From the way you walk to the way you talk, technology has a pinch of salt everywhere. And business operations are no exception. While we are aware of the business process automation and the cloud migration of applications, most of us are still privy to the need for a virtual phone number.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is one that uses the internet protocol to make calls. Meaning that all of the calls places are done through the internet and not confined to a particular region or locality. Some consider this to be sort of a hosted website where all of the calls are routed to your business phone number.

For organizations that have just started or planning to start their new venture, the cost is a crucial factor. While planning integrations, leaders commit this mistake of eliminating a business phone number. What’s important here is not to totally eliminate but replace the existing expensive technology with an economical solution.

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This is where the virtual phone number of cNumber comes in. If you are still not sure, here are a few reasons why your business must have a virtual phone number.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Virtual Phone Number

  • Your business travels overseas

Think about 0203 phone numbers by cNumber. Do they specify something? Apparently yes! 0203 is the area code of London and any calls made through that number indicate the origin to be London. Businesses who wish to target the customers of London and adjacent areas, they can easily purchase the 0203 numbers and associate it with their business phone number. This helps create a local presence, adding to sales and boosting revenue.

  • Your Business Stays Active 24/7

Virtual phone numbers are cloud-hosted and not limited to particular hardware or any device. These solutions can be accessed through a device with a steady internet connection. Meaning that irrespective of where the customer executive is, he/she can always connect to the customers and serve their needs. In addition to the above, a virtual phone number allows you to transfer or forward calls. Even if an executive isn’t online, the calls are automatically transferred to the next agent in line.

  • You get multiple numbers

VoIP providers have an array of plans giving you the flexibility to pick one from them. One of these includes the ease to have more than one number. This way you can allocate each number to a department, simplify the entire process of connecting with the customers. You can also have a single number with multiple extensions to demarcate the department’s telephone number.

  • Your Call Charges are dramatically reduced

Next is the price or the charges incurred when making calls. If you have a traditional carrier-based telephone service, you would have the idea of how much it costs to connect with customers. On the flip side, the virtual phone numbers are cost-effective and don’t charge much. The call rates are comparatively less. Not to forget that it allows you to make international calls within the same rates. Further, setting up a virtual number doesn’t require you to have additional hardware. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a smart device.

  • Extensive Set of Features

In addition to all of the above, virtual phone numbers are packed with features. From call forwarding to call transferring, automated response system, voicemail transcripts, and more, virtual phone numbers have a lot to offer. They add a range of functionalities within your line of business operations. Not to forget that virtual phone numbers embed a professional appeal and help you create your own brand.

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The quest of becoming the best has forced startups and small scale organizations to redesign their business operations and installing a virtual phone number is the best way to start. For organizations that have already adopted the virtual telephony, it has acted as a boon.

If you are starting your new business, it’s important to consider having a virtual phone number for your business and to think about 0203 phone numbers. There are multiple service providers like cNumber that offer packages and plans. You can simply select one from them and reinvent the way businesses communicate.

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