Who to Avoid Online

Who to Avoid Online
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I’ve observed 5 types of bad marketers while being in this business. Let me know if you’ve spotted others!

(And this should go without saying… it’s all good fun, I’m not making fun of someone specific here.)

#1 – The Nervous One. Always overthinking every little detail. What if people don’t like how I worded this sentence in my email? What if this product doesn’t become an absolute hit in the marketplace? How do I make this page look pixel perfect? And so on and so on. If they start to teach others, they will produce a 1,000+ page PDF covering every little detail, a 182+ video courses, and so on, just to be on the safe side.

#2 – The Expert With Zero Sales. Always knows whether something is going to work or not, despite not having made any sales themselves. If you spot them in nature, back away slowly, without any sudden movements… lest you want to listen to a long lecture on why something you want to do won’t work. 

#3 – The Crusty Guru. Someone who had success a good while ago and has no idea how things work now, yet still dispenses advice left and right, often unsolicited. Often found on Facebook lamenting how the marketers of today don’t know what they’re doing. Now, there’s a good and a bad kind. The good ones realize that their success was a while back, and they shared timeless lessons they’ve learned from it, not the specific tactics… which makes them kind of awesome. Like the cool uncles, some of us had when we were kids. The bad ones? Well, those will complain the loudest about “kids today” without offering any constructive advice. 

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#4 – The Tone-Deaf. At the upper echelon of marketing, these are the ones who have made ads like “White Is Purity” by Nivea… one of the biggest gaffes in advertising, ever. When it comes to digital marketing… that could be anything from shaming people for not having enough money to pay for their coaching, to actually suggesting that if you’re procrastinating you’re just lazy, unmotivated, and a piece of garbage. (Yes, in those exact words. I won’t mention names though.) Best avoided.

#5 – The Social Media Facade Guru – you know the type. These will have million+ followers on Insta-Twitter-TikTok, and will often share meaningless motivational advice left and right… while in private, you’ll find that their credit cards are maxed and they haven’t seen their family for a month because they’ve just been too busy.  If that’s something that resonates with you, no judgment… but make sure you want to live like that before you follow their tactics.

So those are the most common types I’ve come across. So now let’s talk about who you should trust instead. That’s easy, choose someone who’s the opposite of the 5 types above. For example, this site is a good trustworthy resource about the best internet marketing products and also offers the best bonuses that you’ll find anywhere. So go check them out!

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