Do you know the Trick to Download YouTube video

Do you know the Trick to Download YouTube video
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YouTube is one of the highest-ranking online streaming video websites that allows you to access video content related to diverse domains and allows you to share, upload and leave your comments on numerous videos. However, the point to ponder here is that YouTube only allows sharing videos with your friends, social groups, and different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. However, it would not allow you to download them directly due to copyright infringement. However, this does not mean that all the possibilities end here.

You need to know the trick to download YouTube video. You will find many different ways to download YouTube video to mac and other devices on the internet. All you need to know is the trick to download YouTube video. Implementing that trick would be much more convenient than searching for the video every time and watching it online.

Sometimes your data connection or the internet signals do not support speedy online streaming, making the user agitated. Therefore, it is better and safe to download most watched videos and music files rather than waiting for the internet connection or getting it loaded repeatedly.

EaseUS MobiMover

The most talked about and easy-to-use software is EaseUS MobiMover which allows you to download YouTube files by copying and pasting URL links. The files can be downloaded in AVI, MP4, MP3, WMV, and RM formats. It is all free to use and 100% secure to download files on your iPad, iPhone or Windows system. Download it in your system, go to “Video Downloader”, and then you can download YouTube videos in your system.

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In the next step, copy the URL of the required video into the bar and press the “Download” button. After downloading, you will find that downloaded song in the selected folder of your system, and you are done. Now you can enjoy it offline whenever you want to with this easy trick to Download YouTube videos.

4K Video Downloader

Another software that will immediately catch your attention. Here we are talking about 4K Video Downloader. This downloader is simple to use and is unrestricted. Even for the early birds, this 4K video Downloader downloads the videos for free. These videos include 3D videos, YouTube songs, your downloads, the entire playlist, and 360-degree videos. Copy the URL link, whichever you want to download, and paste it on the 4K Video Downloader. For that, a green button shows at the left top, ‘paste link’; press that button.

The software further asks you about your required format and preferred quality. You can make your choices as per your requirement or as per what your system supports. For example, if you download a video song from YouTube, we recommend downloading an MP4 video as it will give you better quality. However, do you need to select for a better resolution? But, here, you need to understand that it will occupy more space than an audio file. This 4K Downloader has the capacity to download almost 24 videos at a time. This is one of the easy tricks to download YouTube videos.

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Another easy trick to Download YouTube Video here is, once you download a video in your required format but want to follow the same pattern for further download. You can save them in Smart Mode. This click would help you store the settings you have set previously and hence would be used for further clicks. Entering the same information repeatedly in further videos would not be required.


Another trick to Download YouTube videos you need to know is that you can now download YouTube video without requiring any software. All you need to do here is to convert the video to YTMP3. This website is considered to be the most hit and the fastest website that helps in converting YouTube videos and downloading them at a faster speed. The YouTube video is converted into 320kbps mp3.

Select and copy the video URL you wish to download and then paste it here on this website. Click the button ‘download’, and your required video will be first converted to 320kbps mp3 and then downloaded into your system immediately. But sometimes, you also need to wait as some videos are larger enough and require much space; therefore, time would be required to get them downloaded. Still, converting the YouTube videos, you require from this website would be the easiest trick to Download YouTube videos.

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Some online streaming websites provide you with a lot of varied content; however, due to copyright infringements or getting the most views, these websites do not allow you to download those videos and files. One of those websites is YouTube; hence, it does not allow you to download videos. However, only a few videos on the website can get downloaded directly from YouTube, but that will get saved in your YouTube offline gallery rather than in your album.

Thus, you must learn the trick to Download YouTube videos to download the videos or music files in your system in audio or video format. Here are some simple ways. You can consider some of the software or websites that download the video you wish to either directly or by first converting it into another format that supports downloading.

There are further other options you can also search on the internet that would help you download YouTube videos. However, the mentioned above ate the most successful and most used ways.

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