A surveillance camera against cyber bullying in social networks

A surveillance camera against cyber bullying in social networks
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The use of personal information on social networks is common for 84.6% of users with Internet access around the world. It is a fact from the agencies, but it shows that a paradigm shift in the use of digital services. We can’t get away from them and sometimes there are certain activities that can hurt many people. The Agency for data protection, in fact, argues that the dissemination of information, images, videos and audio from third parties without permission can constitute an offence penalized in the Penal Code, as well as the swindle and, above all, the cyber bullying. One of the main concerns of the users.

The cyber bullying, unfortunately, can be something continuous that can be produced throughout the day. In recent years, mobile phones and, in particular, social networks have produced a climate of mistrust and intimidation of certain groups, particularly among the most vulnerable, adolescents and victims of gender-based violence. And, it is true, that no one is exempt from living in their own flesh a case of cyber bullying. It is possible that overnight a comment out of place on the Twitter network is the spark that ignites the anger of users.

The most common path for the cyber bullying comes through instant messaging applications like WHATSAPP, as revealed by a study of 2016 of the University of the Basque Country, but the additional problem is the feeling of impotence in the victim, who does not He knows many times how to defend himself.

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One of the problems that a person who is receiving harassment is exposed to is the ease of erasing the content. On many occasions, the mentions or comments are eliminated in a short period of time or even the profiles origin of the attacks before the affected person can if they want to consider initiating legal actions against the offensive content. “The concept of the volatility of content on the Internet is very disturbing in the sense that in social networks someone publishes a content fruit of an outburst or a moment of bad mental coordination and then deletes it,” he stresses.

EG-Social Support Service:

When you receive an offensive comment you have to be available to take that action on a certain social network, but this tool saves the interactions in social networks, which only let you denounce for defamation or harassment, but do not have a validity Judicial. With this you have to have a strong test, “he values. For now, EGSocial supports applications such as Twitter and Instagram, but will soon include other services like Facebook.

This tool requires a subscription, but the company plans to offer this service free of charge to victims of gender violence and cyber bullying and seeks collaborations with associations of parents, schools and NGOs for this purpose. The company is testing the service with a group of people, including politicians and celebrities.

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It’s easy to operate. You just have to register. The user, then, can add from the settings of their profile on the social network without having to install or download anything to their devices. From the moment it is activated, the service registers all interaction with the social profile in real time (posts, mentions, comments), archiving the content and applying cryptographic tools (digital signature and time stamp). This creates a file of profile interactions that may constitute “a reliable trial in a lawsuit due to applied cryptographic protection,” even if the person issuing the offensive content removes them or decides to close their profile.

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