Digital Marketing Trends That Are Changing the Way We Market To Consumers

Digital Marketing Trends That Are Changing the Way We Market To Consumers
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World is changing drastically with a touch of digital trends. The marketers are finding new ways of attracting customers’ engagement, lead generation and higher ROI. The old school concept of engagement has been disrupted marketers have now discovered artificial intelligence, Google assistant and Omni channel as tools to showcase advanced marketing tactics to compete over the big market giants.  1 is to 3 people are having social media accounts and 45 million UK users are in social media platforms.

This statistics equates 67% of the UK population. This shows digital marketing landscape has been emerging as social media is now an important part of marketing for the past years.

What has been popular lately is now nowhere to be found.

For example, mobile first websites are attracting mobile users as much of the work done like browsing, video searching is all done through mobile. It has been observed 39 million mobile social media users out there.

This predicts the mobile usage is increasing drastically as UK population is said to be mobile first nation.  Let’s watch out for digital trends that marketers want to grab as an opportunity for future customers.

Artificial intelligence for browsing Target Audience

You have already seen AI tech to be invading most of the human task and making it simpler for many. The seed of AI has poured in digital marketing context which enable the Marketers to analyse and find database of past and future customers. The best part about AI is it will be the next tool to evaluate consumers tracking, their conversation, scan data from social platforms and tracing the search patterns. According to best assignment writing services uk, to track audience behaviour and fluctuation patterns they usually take guidance from AI tech for processed information. This all helps markers to get updated with their customers and understand how their target audience perceive their product offerings. Furthermore, there are examples like retail shops; E-commerce sites that are religiously active to perform big data to forecast at what time the delivery of the product take place. By the help of various sources such as Road Traffic, Weather and Temperature you can find out how customers ordering pattern is and how it will affect the food industry. It has been predicted that AI is been used as product recommendation and some are using for campaign advertising which estimated to be 28% and 26% respectively.

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Video Live streaming content-Story Sharing

Seeing your favourite celebrity being live on their channel is pretty interesting. Many viewers show engagement from such content. Marketers need to be alert and up to date about what is happening around the world. As video marketing is gaining enormous viewership as people need to know what there favourite brand is up to. Business display live video chat, create live broadcast which showcase product making, behind the scene, new product trailers and hint of events. Many academic writing companies such as do my assignment display there behind the scene events on how they work and produce assignments with their proficient employee based.

Talking about leads and engagements you can make Marketing driven campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitters. These platforms are best for attract larger audience such as a Fast Food Business Entrepreneur launched their product through a video marketing campaigns this helped them reach 50% of the viewership within one day with only Facebook.

This show finding the right niche for your audience will cater your potential customers more than just bringing the old concepts for campaigns.

Influencer marketing has given ways to attract larger audience

This word of mouth strategy is a win-win module for gaining your content in front of your audience. This represents a good PR for you brand to be recognised and talk of the town for many. Believe it or not a customer may listen or exhibit those who are one step ahead and or have strong influence on others. This can be your favourite celebrity or Instagram, YouTube as well as bloggers who have an impactful presence altogether.  According to the law assignment help, they cater the large number of audience through influencers.   Whether you post your content on different platforms for organic reach make it easier for you and your customers’ partner with other influential to put together long term campaigns and promotional pages.

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Programmatic advertising

It has been predicted ads done through programmatic advertising will reach to 19% growth level. Programmatic advertising is a way of ads displaying through AI tech with the help of algorithm. More video responsive ads are being promoted frequently. This spending of mobile video will continue to rise as for consumers spend more hours watching on mobile devices. For example, auctions and bidding are the local example of programmatic ads. the automation facilitates to be efficient enough to increase conversion and lower customer acquisition cost. By 2020, this number will be doubled to 90% where USA marketers will increase the display span from programmatic advertising.

Email Marketing and Social Messaging app

Is it true social media platforms are ditched by social messaging Apps? The statistics shows 61% prefer to get messages from business rather than calls which are 56%.  Talking about email marketing this strategy was used and still available in most business but if statistic define email rate to be 19% and the click rate to be 2%. While the other way around messaging apps have stretched its roots to open rate greater than 80% and the click rate to is 30% increased. You have notice many emails about academic research writers such as economic assignment help predicts email marketing has been over drown by messages apps market. This does not cater the idea of email marketing is old school concept.

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This means that you can play at both sides email marketing and messaging apps to make your marketing more simple and engaging. You can even try Chatbox application to handle bunch of messages and communication without making your life frustrated with coding methods.

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