some cool and helpful computer tricks

some cool and helpful computer tricks
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Here are some tricks that you can use almost everyday:

alt + tab -> switch between tasks without the click of a mouse button.

windows + D -> Show Desktop.

windows + R -> opens the run window.

windows + E -> opens windows explorer.

ctrl + backspace -> delete an entire word behind the cursor.

ctrl + shift + T -> accidentally closed a tab? This trick will reopen the most recently closed tab.

ctrl + T -> open a new tab.

ctrl + W -> close current tab.

ctrl + shift + N -> To open Google Chrome in Incognito mode.

ctrl + shift + R -> clear cache.

ctrl + D -> add bookmarks.

ctrl + shift + D -> bookmark all open tabs.

ctrl + +/- -> Increase/Decrease text size.

For Gmail:

c -> compose a new email

r -> reply to an email.

f -> forward the email.

n -> move to the next message.

p -> move to the previous message.

OneTab -> a Google Chrome extension that stores all your open tabs in a single tab. Saves RAM usage and saves YOU from getting lost in the gazillion tabs that were open.

F2 -> Rename a file without using right-click.

ctrl + F -> find a word in a document/web-page.

Snipping tool -> to capture part of a screen.

Task Manager -> monitor the open tasks, processes, RAM usage and end tasks that are not responding.

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Note: Most of the tricks are mentioned for Google Chrome and Windows OS, some may work on Mac OS as well by replacing ctrl with cmd. Will certainly keep adding if I happen to use some more.

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