6 Things You need to Know Before Buying Led Light Strips

6 Things You need to Know Before Buying Led Light Strips
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Lightstec Led light strips is one of the finest led products of lighting technological advancements. The light strip can use in many applications. Home lighting, hotel lighting, shopping mall lighting. It is recognized for design and functionality in a variety of applications. They do not just improve the amount of lighting in the provided space, they also provide variations in lighting colors and vibrancy increasing its aesthetic value.

Led light strip using everywhere. Most LED strip lights are commonly used in commercial lighting at business places since they are easy to install and to operate. Their flexibility is the primary reason why they are considered as the most efficient lighting accessory. With the use of professional-grade LED strip lights and other supplies, the room is ready to illuminate in approximately one to two hours. This article will give you an idea about five things that you need to know about LED strip lights.

Lengths of the led light strips

Depending on your chosen manufacturer, LED strip lights usually come in 5 meters and 10 meters per roll. They can be cut in different lengths depending on your preference since there are cutting marks on the strip itself. They can be easily cut to your desired size and assembled with connectors visible on each side.

6 Things You need to Know Before Buying Led Light Strips

After being soldered, they are connected to the control and power source which makes it possible to turn it on and off and control its colors and vibrancy. The copper solder pads make it easier to reach corners and edges on the different areas of your house. Whether you want it short or long, these innovative LED strip light ideas never fail to create aesthetic indirect lighting to any space.

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Adhesive and Clips of Led Light Strips

For every pack of these LED strip lights, they come with 3M adhesive to help them mount on the areas of your choice. To secure its stickiness, most choose to stick a strip light holder in between. This will prevent them from falling just in case the adhesive wears off. It depends on how much adhesive you want to put too.

6 Things You need to Know Before Buying Led Light Strips

In crucial areas like edges, it would be best to put an ample amount of adhesive. If you are planning to illuminate an area that is near water or areas causing moisture, secure the strip lights with additional adhesive. Ensure that the LED strip lights are evenly attached to the surface.

Flexible Applications

Depending on the type, manufacturer, and voltage, LED strip lights can be used outdoors, indoors, and sometimes, it can be used in both. Since they are a means of indirect lighting, they are most commonly found in cove and dropped ceiling for supplementary lighting source.

6 Things You need to Know Before Buying Led Light Strips

Whether it’s in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, or any areas within your house, LED strip lights can flawlessly illuminate the space. They do not cause your eyes fatigue since it doesn’t exhibit direct illumination. Moreover, the vibrancy and color can be adjusted too.

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For outdoor lighting design, LED strip lights are commonly used in swimming pools, stairs, handrails, and even outdoor furniture. Depending on the ambiance you want to build during the dark hours, this lighting system brings out the life of your outdoor area.

The utilization of LED strip lights is not limited to spaces indoors. There are several LED light manufacturers producing waterproof LED strip lights. These are the ones rated as IP65 which are covered with a silicone resin material. The cover protects the LEDs and other components from moisture and dust. You can also use led light strip with Lightstec led profile channel. That is using more and more in business lighting.

Easy Installation

The traditional lighting system together with other electronic wires and cables pass through the walls. They come with a plan to organize the wires, cables, and switches. This is where LED strip lights are different. This innovative lighting system doesn’t require multiple wiring systems for it to function. Its connection to the power source is more efficient to install compared to traditional lighting installation.

6 Things You need to Know Before Buying Led Light Strips

The time-consuming part of installing LED strip lights is the cutting process. But other than that, lighting it up can be done without spending more than two hours. With the right equipment and materials, installing this lighting system is convenient, especially if your time is managed.

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Color Control and Dimming

What most users love the most about LED strip lights is its changing color and vibrancy feature. The ambiance you want to build within a space depends on your chosen color and vibrancy. This is what makes it aesthetically pleasing. In just a click away, you can transform your living room into a party area.

6 Things You need to Know Before Buying Led Light Strips

The use of LED strip lights is not just flexible in terms of application but as well as the building of the environment. Most homeowners prefer adjustable vibrancy and color to keep up with their activities involving sleeping, reading, watching television, and many more.

Power Supply of the Led Light Strip

6 Things You need to Know Before Buying Led Light Strips

Normally the led light strips are DC12V voltage or DC24V voltage. It needs a power supply. Lightstec led power driver to have many functions for different applications. Indoor use and outdoor using is different. For outdoor using,it need waterproof. And it have dimming function.0-10V dimming, Triac dimming, and Dali dimming. You can choose different kinds of power supply.


The LED strip lights are globally established to be flexible in terms of application. More than just providing for your different lighting needs, they also contribute to the preservation of the environment. They are free from harm before, during, and after use. Moreover, LED strip lights demand low energy as compared to the traditional lighting system. Illuminate your room without compromising both aesthetics and functionality with these customize LED light strips You can select a more led light strip in Lightstec.

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