What Advantages Can You Take by Using RBL Rewards?

What Advantages Can You Take by Using RBL Rewards?
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Financial institutions in India offer feature-rich credit cards which come with attractive reward programs. These are exclusive loyalty programs that encourage customers to make transactions using credit cards. RBL rewards are provided by RBL Group for users to accumulate huge points on transactions and expenditures.

You can consider the powerful co-branded card provided by leading NBFC, Bajaj Finserv, in association with RBL Bank. The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard comes with 6 variants for every lifestyle need and packed with reward programs on specific uses.

Let’s check out the various advantages cardholders can enjoy on RBL reward points use.

Benefits you can avail on RBL reward points use

You can redeem the reward points accumulated for the following –

  • Discounts

Avail lucrative discounts on various products by redeeming reward points. Not only on products but you can also enjoy discounts on dining, hotel stays, movie tickets, etc.

  • Gift vouchers

A profitable RBL reward points use is to redeem those for gift vouchers and make online and retail purchases at partner stores. You can get these gift vouchers for various categories, including clothes, food, lifestyle, groceries, books, etc. Values of these vouchers can start from Rs. 100 and go up to Rs. 5,000 or more, allowing you to make huge savings.

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You can redeem RBL reward points earned on your SuperCard for coupons as well.

  • Cashback

One of the exclusive credit card advantages, cashback signifies that a certain amount of money is discounted or paid back to your account. You can redeem the points earned as cashbacks and save more on your regular expenses easily. Usually, 1% to 5% cashback is offered based on that particular card; however, you can earn more during bonus periods or on certain expenditures.

Alternatively, these redeemable points can be used to avail discount for your future card uses.

  • Air miles i

Airline miles are usually accumulated when individuals purchase flight tickets using the credit card. Frequent flyers can earn air miles depending on the distance they fly and the amount they spend on it. They can then make these RBL reward points use in buying next flight tickets or getting discounts on those.

To avail this facility, you may have to travel via partnered airlines only. One of the credit card advantages is that you can also get complimentary airport lounge access for a comfortable journey.

  • Purchase fuel

If you regularly travel by car, redeeming the points to purchase fuel can be its best usage. As the cost of fuel is increasing, using these reward points can make great savings on this regular expenditure.

  • Charity

A noble way of RBL reward points use is to redeem them and donate to some charity. Choose from the ones pre-decided by your financial organisation or go for your choice. The points are then converted into cash for the donation.

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These contributions can be towards environment, health, youth, women empowerment, employment, etc. It is a great way to pay back to the society and those who need monetary assistance.

The SuperCard allows you to accumulate huge rewards on every transaction you make. On applying for the first time, you can earn up to 20,000 points as joining bonus. There are many such advantages of the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard over others.

How to redeem the rewards points on credit card?

It’s simple and easy to redeem the accumulated reward points.

  • Visit the RBL rewards website
  • Click on ‘Activate My Account’
  • Activate your account by submitting some basic details as required.

Another way is to contact their service centre via phone call for account activation.

You can apply for the credit card through an online application form. Bajaj Finserv additionally brings customised pre-approved offers on credit cards for their existing customers. Such schemes are also applicable to personal loans, business loans, home loans and many other financial products. Pre-approved offers not only simplify the procedure but also reduce the time taken. You need to provide a few essential details to check your pre-approved offers online.

So, avail the best credit card to enjoy its attractive reward programs along with other features and benefits.

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