5 Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Business

5 Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Business
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As the world’s population grows and our professional appetites as well, the need for better residential and commercial properties is also on the rise. In the heart of this surge are real estate agencies and experts who need to put themselves on the map in order to find prospects, qualify leads, and connect the best clients with the best real estate opportunities on offer.

Marketing your services can be quite a hassle when you’re not certain how to approach a new market, and especially when you’re about to enter a new region you’re not already familiar with.

For all those real estate gurus among you with the ambition to grow their real estate business, you can rest assured that in the sea of techniques, some old but gold marketing methods never fail.

Here are a few you can use to market your real estate business in new markets, and use them to grow your client list one day at a time.

Visit local networking events

When you’re about to hit a new market, and you’re new to the community, it’s difficult to be accepted or to inspire others to accept you over your competitors who already reign supreme locally if you don’t mix and mingle with the right crowd.

Educate yourself as to what kind of local events attract your ideal clientele. Maybe you can visit, hand out your business cards, perhaps a few flyers announcing that you’re opening an office in the area, and exchange contact details with people of interest.

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Of course, you can also offer to hold a lecture or a workshop that might be useful for people attending the event. Finally, see where the other, most successful real estate agencies spend their time – you never know when a partnership can arise.

Do your homework

Dazzling the locals or inspiring people abroad to purchase real estate in a different country is tricky business. You need to build trust, and you need to understand the local culture much like you need to understand the needs of your potential buyers in this new market.

Perhaps posting on Instagram only means you’re missing out on opportunities other locally beloved channels provide.

As an example, LINE Today is a news platform for the Indonesian market, and used by millions of people. In addition to finding yourself and posting ads on the traditional portals such as Facebook, when you’re looking to expand to a specific market, it pays to understand the ways of the local culture, even in technical terms.

Pair your presence on the right channels with your knowledge and understanding as to how to present your real estate brand to the new market and you have a winning strategy to woo your new clients.

Work with local professionals

Expanding your real estate reach and your portfolio as an investor means that you need to have an in-depth understanding of any new market you wish to enter.

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If you want to gain proper visibility and use the right marketing methods that will yield the wanted results, consider working with an established entity that can help you overcome any legal hurdles that can prevent you from expanding your real estate reach.

For instance, since no foreign person can own land in Indonesia, you can work with experts such as Jack Brown of Invest Islands and get the exposure you need as well as the guidance in terms of real estate opportunities.

A well-known name can open many local doors, and it’s more powerful than any digitally-driven marketing strategy alone.

Combine your in-house efforts with the information and reputation of a local agency, and you’ll be able to gain a strong presence in a new market. This is especially important when you’re facing legal and ownership restrictions, and you need to instill trust in all of your potential buyers.

Make use of social media

Expanding a business and making it known to new audiences is no easy feat. When you want to present yourself, you want to hold the reins of your introduction, protect your existing brand reputation, and make sure that your new audience can connect with you and your business in a variety of ways. Enter: social media as your best way to localize your marketing strategies.

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Ideally, you can follow in the footsteps of already established businesses that have successfully expanded and create pages that are dedicated to your new markets. Of course, cross-referencing globally relevant content is a must, but you can and should have a dedicated social media strategy for marketing your real estate expertise to any new audience.

Referrals are a goldmine

Word of mouth has always been and always will be one of the most reputable ways to expand your reach while establishing trust in a new market. In the world of real estate, agents and agencies whose reputation precedes them have the greatest chance of success, beyond what any of your SEO strategies can compete with.

Connect with your partnering agencies, your most successful clients, and check if you can make local connections through their referrals. You’d be surprised to what extent people gladly choose a recommended agent when the referral comes from their friends, relatives, and business associates than simply relying on a Google search.

Real estate has its own ecosystem of fast-paced market trends that evolve and change from one region to another. No matter how successful your marketing efforts have been so far, make sure to implement these tried and tested tactics that can help you establish yourself in any new market you choose.

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