What Is inventory management?

What Is inventory management?
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Inventory management is the process of using, ordering and storing inventory. This process is important for all companies for both large and small companies. It is a process aimed at achieving the required inventory at the right time and at the right price.

Business owners, especially large business owners, need to buy an inventory management program to facilitate their inventory creation. Inventory management systems include many important points to facilitate product search, save time and effort such as, item numbers, descriptions and locations.

Inventory management should be properly handled so that it does not lead to loss of money either by storing excess stock or loss from potential sales. Proper inventory management is therefore important and critical for the business sector. You can use online inventory management to help your company manage its inventory properly, get the best performance and stay ahead.

Inventory management systems vary by industry type. For example, oil depots can store a large amount of inventory for long periods of time, which is very expensive and risky. There are also companies that deal with perishable products and are closely related to storage time, such as food. Therefore, the misjudgment of time or quantities required is very costly and sometimes causes heavy losses.

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Purchase Planning

The definition of the purchase plan is to help owners of organizations and companies to set the date of purchase of new shares, so that they can always stay in the forefront. The purchase plans vary according to the needs of the companies and according to the needs of their industry. Some companies that do not have a large storage space can store only a limited amount of product. These companies choose a ‘just-in-time’ plan. This plan ensures that they will get the shares they need in a timely manner and ensure that they are at the forefront.

Benefits of inventory management

  1. Assist in organizing the establishment of work.
  2. Making business more profitable.
  3. Reduce costs as much as possible.
  4. Predict future sales.
  5. Current sales analysis.
  6. Analyze competitors and test company performance.


There are many online inventory management systems that help your company to do business professionally and also help to reduce costs and increase profitability, including free plan such as EMERGE App, where you can experience the free plan before buying a paid plan.


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