Manual vs Automated trading in the Forex market
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Manual trading has been the main tool of forex traders for many years. However, with the development of technology and the availability of new tools such as forex robots and automated trading systems, manual trading is less and less popular among traders.

One of the main reasons is that manual trading requires significant knowledge and experience to make a profit. A trader needs to monitor the market 24/7, as well as make quick decisions in a rapidly changing price environment. Despite the fact that there are many tools for market analysis, manual trading still requires significant effort, time and financial investment.

On the other hand, automated trading systems such as forex robots can automatically follow the market, analyze data and make decisions in real time. This significantly reduces the burden on the trader, allowing him to save time and effort on other tasks.

How did traders learn to automate forex trading?

With the development of technology and computer programs, it has become possible to automate the process of forex trading. This was achieved through the creation of forex robots and automated trading systems.

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Forex robots are created based on certain algorithms that allow them to analyze the market and make decisions based on given parameters. They work in real time and can react quickly to price changes.

In order to learn how to automate Forex trading, a trader needs to have good knowledge in programming and market analysis. He must know how to create and configure forex robots, as well as have experience with automated trading systems.

In addition, ready-made solutions from third-party developers can be used to automate forex trading. Such solutions, as a rule, are ready-made forex robots or trading systems that can be customized to your needs.

What is required to use a forex robot?

To use a forex robot, you must first choose a suitable robot from the many on the market. The trader should choose the robot that best suits his investment goals, financial capabilities and trading style.

In addition, the trader must have a reliable internet connection so that the robot can work without interruption. It is also necessary to install the software required for the operation of the forex robot.

An important aspect is the correct setting of the robot parameters. The trader must determine the trading strategy, set the risk and loss parameters, determine the operating time, etc. It is also necessary to test the operation of the robot on historical data to make sure it is effective and the settings are correct.

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An important aspect is the correct setting of the robot parameters.

How to use a VPS to keep a forex robot running 24/7?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a remote server where you can run software, including forex robots. Using a VPS allows the trader to ensure the smooth operation of the automatic terminal 24/7, even if the trader’s computer is turned off or not connected to the Internet.

To use VPS, a trader needs to choose a hosting provider and rent a virtual server. After that, software can be installed on the VPS, including trading platforms and forex robots.

One of the main advantages of using a VPS is the ability to reduce latency and improve the quality of connection to the broker’s server. In addition, VPS allows you to work with several trading accounts at the same time, manage a portfolio and monitor the work of robots.

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