10 Steps to Doing a Digital Detox

10 Steps to Doing a Digital Detox
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Technology has grown massively. Globally people are using digital gadgets and many more. Different apps bring people together, irrespective of where you are. As noted by college paper writers, spending so much time on your screen is dangerous to your health. Worry not, there are ways you can use your devices and still be healthy.

Lock Push Notifications

You can always turn off your notifications to avoid interruptions. When your notifications are off, you won’t bother using your phone or confirming anything. If your notifications are on, you will stay glued to your phone, which is not healthy.

Black And White Option

If your phone is too bright, then there is a huge possibility you will get attached to it. If you want to avoid getting attached to your phone, then you can use a dull color that will not look too attractive for you.

Avoid Using Phone during Meal

Etiquette is important. You don’t have to eat while using your phone; that’s a bad habit. When you are eating with your family, and your phone is beside you, your mind is not always there. Phones make people eager, and to avoid being disrespectful, keep it far away while eating.

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Have Free Hours

Since it’s not advisable to use your phone all the time, you can divert your attention elsewhere. There many things you can do to make yourself happy and occupied. Having fun with your friends or even reading can help. You can start by avoiding your phone while eating, and in time you will get used to it.

No Phone in the Bedroom

Boredom is hard, but nothing is impossible. You can go to your bedroom early but end up sleeping very late. Phones are very tempting, and when they are close to you, there is nothing you can do. Try and go to bed without your phone and you will sleep very early. Again ample and peaceful sleep is far more important than your phone. Sleeping while using your phone is a turn off to your partner.


Reading is a solution to keeping yourself busy. It is different reading something from the phone and reading it from a book. You will understand better if you read from a book. You can’t be reading a book, and you have notifications on your phone. Your mind will divert and concentrate elsewhere.

Limit Yourself

When it’s time to work, concentrate on your work. Phones can make you forget what you are doing and drain your energy. You can start working then check your notification, and by the time you put your phone down, you have no energy left to work.

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Clean your Accounts

On social media, you meet different people from different countries. You have to understand that everyone lives a different life and people can’t be the same. You don’t have to follow people who make you feel less of a person, instead of avoiding them. Instagram can make you question your life since everyone is perfect there. You are perfect in your way and should not face intimidation with small things. You can live life by minding your own business and avoiding depression from social media.

Download the Right Apps

You can download apps that will help you track home to use your phone and how often. These apps will help you with not spending so much time using your phone.

Protect Your Body

If you spend too much time on your phone, then you are not lucky. It is not bad to get updates, but too much of something is poisonous. Avoid the poison by doing the right thing. Spending too much time on your screen can give you many complications.be warned and take caution.

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